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  2010-04-02 Bring B040601 back here under BlunderNotes.  These should not be anywhere else.  It will be easy to move them.
  2010-04-02 Create 2010/04/B040101 that deals with finding the unified template for the blogs.  Also, figure out how the capitalization is working out. [dh:2010-04-02 The "B" works everywhere.  Keep it that way.]
  2010-04-02 Along with the construction structure, need a 2010/ folder for whatever we create as part of blog unification.  This is clearly the place for all of this.
  2010-04-02 This area needs a construction structure pretty badly.  It needs to be maybe one step in line with repaving the Orcmid's Lair site.
  2006-10-29 There is damage with regard to the Orcmid's Lair logo, and all of these BlunderLab Notes have "B" prefix and capitalized suffixes.  This is going to be a royal pain.
  2006-10-29 Find a way to touch older pages so that they get ClustrMaps (this might monkey with the sidebar recent posts list, though, so it is going to have to be more creative than I thought.
  2006-10-29 Find a way to mass change the blog pages to refer to the correct ClustrMap, after I change the link.
  2006-10-29 Correct the Blogger template for clueless, but leave the clustrmap link alone for now.
  2004-07-23 As for accessibility, there is also the matter of the level of security one must surrender in accessing a site, especially if access is for a security-related purpose, whether to report or for assistance.
  2004-07-23 I need to worry about accessibility on the new initiatives I take.  This also needs to be applied to the Atom Feed, my forensic and incident response notices, and anything else I can think of.  This needs a little portal page and some collective information.  I also need to look at accessibility for incidents.  
  2004-07-23 Turn B040601 into an incident report and move the work to sostegno.
  2004-07-21 Create a note, based on Scoble's link, for the auto-detection of the feed for my pages.
  2004-07-13 Start labnote on installing GnuPG and basic operation, etc.
  2004-07-13 Create a labnote on ways in which Kerberos is not accountable
  2004-07-13 Create labnote on addition of an UserID and republishing of a key to a key server
  2004-07-13 Create labnote on working with an OpenPGP Keyserver
  2004-07-13 Start labnote on establishing and publishing a keypair, including addition of things
  2004-07-09 Create a front note providing the lab note template and defining the current style practices
  2004-07-02 It would be good to have a grasp of configurations that are applied or exist at the time a particular situation is documented.  These can change over time, and it is important to be able to distinguish in having accurate forensic materials and history.
  2004-07-02 Put up a Notebook on the synchronizing and backing up of Blogger, and how that works with VSS, push-pull-click-click, and then forensic analysis tools.
  2004-07-02 Some of these notes might belong in my Blogger analysis, B021001.  Review for that and scoop them over there.  Put appropriate actionables here.
  2004-06-27 There are some incoherences in Blogger with regard to the templates and the different things that happen.  For example, some templates, maybe old ones, don't show the stored title for the entry, so I have been putting in headings by hand.  This leads to double titles when other templates are used.  Also, the interpretation of <blockquote> and the association of colors and fonts with various styles from template to template leads to incoherence around what tags mean to authors and users and whatever they meant to Blogger template designers.  For example, the dissonance between Rounders 3 and Rounders 2 is startling.  I also notice that there is incoherence in comments versus posts, including the relaying of URLs in comments.  On a post page, the Preceding Posts really are preceding posts.  On the default page, they are recent posts, including the most-recent.  The archive list does not appear on a post page, but it does appear on the default page.  Likewise, there can be comments on the default and the post or just on the post.  I haven't looked at the archive page case yet.
   2004-06-27 It is worrisome for me that the NewsGator aggregation uses HTML-formatted notes and this gets around all of my protections for HTML-formatted e-mail, virus scanning, and so on.  The hardest part is that the links that come across can't be inspected.  I can't find a way to learn what the target is without navigating.  And I can't always go to the citation page (some feeds don't provide that) so I can use the built-in IE safeguards and also check things out.  I do not know how my firewall intervenes here, either, because most of its privacy provisions depend on filtering the HTML on the way to the browser, and the RSS doesn't arrive in that form, or via that avenue. [dh:2004-08-03 I learned that Outlook 2003 shows link targets]
  2004-06-27 Start a log on RFID and surveillance-related clippings on my own blog, but do it after the DQ for this week's Security Engineering homework.
  2004-06-27 Start a log on security-related clippings on my own Blogs.  I have almost two years of them.  (See the 06-18 entry on this already.)
  2004-06-27 The point of the BlunderDome is to address some things about confirmable experience, system coherence, and such.  It turns out that Blogger and blogging are becoming a source of that, although e-mail was my best source of examples over time.  I am not seeing it in security software that requires interoperability with other security software.  I am going to capture more about that here.   The actionable is to make a declaration around this use of the site.
  2004-06-26 Beside the disparity about Previous versus Recent postings, it is the case that archive listings are only placed on the top page in the Rounders 2 and Rounders 3 pages.  There is something to work out here.
  2004-06-26 There could usefully be an article about the Notebook and the method of its organization, resources for using it, etc.
in progress 2004-06-26 Change all references here to this being the BlunderLab Notebooks or Lab Notes, so it is not tied to Blogging: B000000B000001
  2004-06-26 The WingAtom images I captured include the business about cookies.  Also, notice that the cookies come from the style reference in the atom feed.  There is no useful purpose to this cookie, but the fact that it is used when someone visits your site needs to be understood, as part of full disclosure and as part of coming up with privacy and transparency statements/policies.  The snapshot of the XML of the feed is also useful in that regard.
  2004-06-26 There needs to be an article here about the use of a screen capture utility and how these elements are compiled
in progress
2004-06-26 Make a B040602A item and add job-jar tasks for cleaning up the images. removing the original ones from my picture folder, etc.
  2004-06-26 Make a note/project that tracks versions of Blogger so we know which one we are working with in these experiments.  Note that versions are reported in the atom feed.
  2004-06-18 Build a catalog of pages that are about Security, Trust, and confirmable experience.  Do it as preparation for module MSC-SN.
  2004-06-08 And that makes me think about people who send me stuff I don't want.  (The inner dork was fantasizing about Ken Nordine's Word Jazz and my luck being that someone would offer to source the MP3 of the " ... Time It Was" track.  I have had people, who liked something I did, send me some scanned-in art or book content that is obviously not in the public domain.  I don't know how to politely decline, other than to politely decline, telling them that I have removed the material from my computer.  I run into something about e-mail hoaxes too. When I confirm that the message is a hoax (usually a really old one), I often ask people why they sent it.  Mostly people stop sending them to me and keep sending them to Vicki, who asks me immediately about those suspicious items in her inbox.  I could call this a leading a horse to water experience, but there is more to it as well.  If I want to know my intentions, I should look at my results.  (And I need to respond to that comment thread too.)
  2004-06-08 My computer and the FTP site where is hosted don't keep the same time.  I do Internet time synchronization, so that shouldn't be a problem.  But the FTP site seems to be running fast.  I don't usually care, unless I post updates to the same page in a relatively short time.  My second update can end up having an earlier timestamp than the FTP-site's timestamp for the publishing of the previous version.  So the automatic synchronization provisions of my FTP tool will simply not update the new version, thinking it is not the true latest is the one on the site.  (Don't get me started on synchronization software.)  Because I do bulk synchronizations, it is easy to overlook that there is a page that is simply not being updated.  I noticed just now because there was an update I was checking on, and it kept not appearing.  So I did the careful thing and transfered the page individually and said yes, please do overwrite the one that appears to be later.  This is all about confirmable experience.  The title of a blog on this would be, maybe, "The Man Who Knew What Time It Was."
  2004-06-08 I forget to preview these pages.  If I were to do that, I would have seen that some of the lower description entries are centered rather than left-justified before actually posting this page to my web site.  I am fixing them now.  I must remember to preview.  I am like the guy who updates a major web site to see how it works now.  (No names please.  You know who you are.)
  2004-06-08 And next I am reminded that I want to create a game or puzzle on the site by having the Hard Hat Area or some link lead people into a web-site mystery.  For it to work like a good Adventure game, there must be a way to keep state for players in something more durable than a cookie.  At some point, a smart application would be perfect.  It also would be a cool way to build the little thing I always wanted to gift Bill Gates with and still haven't built it.  I am not sure where this note really belongs, but there is no question the coffee is working.  Time to go work on NuovoDoc and the material I have been avoiding.  Well, there must be some kind of housework I can do first - wash the dishes, get out of my bathrobe, something.
  2004-06-08 No, it wasn't that.  It is about some kind of "what's this" symbol, kept as unobtrusive as that handy purple-number #-symbol, that people can use to find out, for example, what is that grounding block stuff, and what is all that Hard Hat Area business, and so on.
  2004-06-08 I had this further inspiration, and now I don't remember.  Oh, it is about why diaries and job jars work better for me than blogs, because of organization and topicality (more-or-less).  Of course, I have diaries and job jars all over the place, but this does work better.  In a blended system, I could maybe move among them more easily.  That would be useful too.  Maybe.  Sometimes we don't want a universal tool, we want a toolbox with all of the different gadgets nicely-arranged.  Like on the tray at the dentist's.  OK, your mileage may vary.  So, customization and personalization matters, but there still needs to be some harmonious way to be supported, get help, and so on, even though we've personalized the heck out of it.  I wonder what kind of bread crumbs and mouse tracks have to be laid for that to work.  Bread droppings, a new metaphor?
  2004-06-08 I have finally got it figured out about revisions and permalinks.  It is one of those close-enough things.  Well, I have one case figured out.  It is about cloning rather than copying, where a clone has an initial state and has the same history and memory as its "earlier" sibling as the "past" of that initial "present" state.  I illustrate it at About NuovoDoc.  The same principle applies to other pages where I want it to be the current version, at all times, and then there is a history of versions, including that one, at another level of detail.  In effect, the current version is a transclusion of the latest established (but possibly under modifiation) version.  So these versions are more like snapshots, and there may be work going on in the latest one, or the latest one may be in the revision stack but not yet declared current, so the writing is behind the scenes.  It is also possible for people to have a link to that, sort of like being able to look into a developer's CVS and nightly builds rather than the declared snapshots.  I wailed about this somewhere else.  But the fix is in.  It all works with Visual Source Safe 6.0 integration with Microsoft Internet Information Server and FrontPage extensions.  The FrontPage Include Page feature is what accomplishes the chosen transclusion.  The little version-history thingies are a little weird in this case, but I don't see a serious problem.  And my little upper-right-corner grounding blocks, as I call them, also help deal with the permalink aspect, and if I wanted, I could put a note in the top of the body about which one this is and how to link to the current one.  OK, that's what the outer geek says.  Now, I should really find a way to write this up and, of course, blog it.
  2004-06-08 Bill and I have been talking about how software is released for Web application.  It reminds me that I actually need to build a test site that I use only for verifying things before doing the same thing on a "production" blog.  But it comes down to all of it.  What do you do about the emergent stuff, and how do you handle it among the user-developer community dance.  There's my suspicions about what happens, and then there's what it takes to have a genuine serving-the-user.  I also need to figure out where I am going to talk about confirmable experience in a serious way, or is it a feature of nfoWare.  What about the Requirements Gap, performance architecture, and software engineering on NuovoDoc?  Maybe both places?  CE and PA started out as DMware/NuovoDoc topics ... ah, DMware.  OK lots of places.  How many of them get blogs?
  2004-06-08 Blog a note about the nature of confirmable experience and what it means in the context of being able to have systems work in a way where one knows what is going on.  One of the first key things is the missing specified behavior.  Specified behavior is also missing in the world generally, why do we expect it now.  Something to segue into the choconancy-anderbill-orcmid conversation on the sink-or-swim approach to "user-friendly" applications of all most all kinds, such as your grandma's Tivo.  Just how smart is the smartmob.  There is something about community learning (the 100th monkey?) in all of this, yet I think there is a straightforward way to have this work. And maybe not.  What can we do for the experimental component, the learning from mistakes, and the ductility of human response?  How do we accommodate that in the design of artifacts?  How do we allow for community learning and discovery, including applications and approaches that are unanticipated?
  2004-06-08 Make an article about Inspector Clueless and Web Page Forensics.  It is about how a little knowledge can be a waste of time, confirmable experience, and screen shooters as the #1 tool.  Then there's actually reading the HTML.  This all ties into a question about what can people who have a life and useful work do to navigate all of these incoherence episodes.
  2004-05-21 Complete note on experiences with Blogger - create a project to get this done
  2004-05-21 Walk through the archive, from back to front and create some indexes into topics that I want to find again: B021001
in progress
2004-05-21 Build a catalog of the pages that are about Blogging
  2004-05-16 There needs to be a systematic process with regard to the back-up and creation of development-site blog folders every month and every January.  Document that here as part of content management.
  2004-05-16 Move other items from construction that actually belong here because they are predominately about content.
  2004-05-16 Create disclaimer for this section being about the blog, and not the blogWare in the architecture and design sense.  It might have blog-specific blogWare requirements and discussion.
2010-04-02 2010-04-02 Correct link in the catalog to B040601 to use capital letter "B"
2004-06-26 Conduct an experiment to move the sidebar to the left edge, so that users can expand the right margin as needed without concern, and so wide formatted material will simply jut under the right edge of the browser window.  They can be viewed by widening the window or using the horizontal scroll bar. [dh:2004-09-01 The fancy pages don't provide what I want, even with the sidebar moved to the left.  I am going to resort to table-based solutions such as those for Numbering Peano and Orcmid's Lair simply because that works.]
2004-07-09 Create lab note on the actions taken to lock down a blog (see 2004-07-02 entries that are related to this also).
2004-07-21 Review B040701A for items that may belong in Sostegno notes.  Incident response and Incident support stuff should go over there, at least in terms of the actual procedures in effect.  Discovery and working them out could be here or there.
done 2004-07-15 Move all incident-related elements here to the Sostegno incident notes.
done 2004-07-15 Make B040702 customized enough so that I can allow publishing to the site image with a current B000001 that refers to it.  I can next introduce new lab notes.
2004-07-13 Start labnote on downloading and verifying GnuPG software, and the accountability with which that is done
2004-07-09 Capture material on what I need to know to synthesize an Atom Feed file
done 2004-07-10 Add the action plans for the Muddleware next steps to construction page there.
done 2004-06-26 Document hooking up an Atom Feed.  
2004-06-18 I need to find out whether the /... forms of relative URL will be recognized and tracked as links properly by FrontPage, so that I can count on them being rewritten when targets move as part of site maintenance. [dh:2004-06-25 It works but it will fail in the RDF feed of the pages, so I can't do that.  I must use absolute URLs for all off-page references.  I will confirm that with the atom feed from the FrontPage on IIS File System piece.] [dh:2004-06-27 Don't use root-relative URLs.  These do not work properly in FrontPage and they do not work properly in Preview and in the Atom feed.  (Actually, they seem to work in the Atom feed, so that tells me I need to see more about NewsGator.)
done 2004-06-21 Put the B040601 page into the catalog
done 2004-06-21 Correct the Hard Hat images to link to the local construction zone
done 2004-06-21 Create tombstones for the moved material.
done 2004-06-21 Do a push-pull click-click and have this material moved to BlunderDome, where there is space for nothing but this kind of thing.  It is, after all, the perfect place for it. [It is called the BlogLab projects, but they are carried in the BlunderDome.  It is, after all, the work of Professor von Clueless.]
(not needed)
2004-06-18 I am really thinking that I want to have the archive pages handled by year.  This gets a little messy because Every January I have to fix it.  It also makes archive searching harder.  So, it is not necessarily a great idea.  It does provide for locking up the archives to comments and Blogger updates, and that is useful.  On the other hand, it does not remove access of Blogger to the main level, where the feed and the basic page are.  So, I am fussing with an over-constrained situation, it seems to me.  I need to just capture that and get on with life in the BlunderDome. [dh:2004-06-21 I don't need to do this. By moving everything not blog-required out of those directories, there is no problem about the archives being in the way.]
2004-06-18 It is desirable to move these B's somewhere before I get too committed.  There is low permalink risk right now, and forwarding is easy.  It is valuable to have them in a section that Blogger does not have access to.  There is going to be a lot of relative linking, though that is not a terrible burden.  Think it through and get it handled this weekend.  Do it like a little project.  This will be a push-pull-click-click game.  [dh:2004-06-18: BlunderDome is such a place!]
2004-06-18 The inclusion of this collection of notes and the log for them in the same directory as a blog is rather awkward, because of the directory filling with archive pages.  I could move the archive pages, which would work in a different blog (but these here hold permalinks).  I could come up with an ASP page that will redirect to the new archive page and also carry the fragment identifier with it.  That is actually a requirement for a fairly sophisticated URL rewriter.  And it doesn't solve the problem of the clutter that I already have in this directory.  So, moving these somewhere that has archive in a different place would be a nice thing to do.  [dh:2004-06-21 They are in BlunderDome and not crowedd by archives.]
done 2004-06-08 Make a B040601 place-holder page, and put it at blog/2004 where it is easier to find.  Move the captured screens to that level too, so it all stays in its own clutter and not the blogs at the two surrounding levels.
done 2004-06-08 Capture screens and the page that the Praxis101 site doesn't show the desired form on, so I can't make an identified entry.
done 2004-05-21 Correct the dates on the initial note on Blogger Experience - 2002, not 2004
done 2004-05-21 Start a note on experiences with Blogger

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