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Hangout for experimental confirmation and demonstration of software, computing, and networking. The exercises don't always work out. The professor is a bumbler and the laboratory assistant is a skanky dufus.

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A Feed Too Far

I just corrected a problem of my own making around the recurring disappearance of "Why Learn Assembly Language?"  Unfortunately, the cure to that problem caused my Atom site feed to be updated. If you subscribe to the feed, you'll likely see that the feed reader presented several articles as updated, not merely the one I touched.  If you look closely, you'll see that the consistent difference is that the links to the actual posts are messed up in the "updated" feed entries.  This is the problem discussed under "Honey, Where'd You Put the Bloggo?"  Not every feed reader need do this, but don't be surprised if yours does. When the problem is eventually corrected, you'll see apparent updates of several entries once again.  This might not catch them all, because the feed is only regenerated for a number of recent posts, something like the current population of the blog's default page. I have the following prophylaxis to recommend.  If your feed reader shows you several entries for the same article, some marked newer than others, keep ones with proper specific URLs for the article location and discard the ones that don't use specific URLs for the articles.  The non-specific URLs are something like instead of the specific link  Keep the feed entries with specific links (assuming you want to keep the entry in the first place). We now return you to regularly-scheduled programming.

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