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Superior Structure: Orcmid's Lair Construction Structure
Orcmid's Lair Construction Zone
Local Infrastructure: construction.htm  BlunderDome Construction Zone for work items/history
       index.htm BlunderDome/ Construction Structure (this page)
Immediate Content:      B000000.htm BlunderNotes Diary & Job Jar
     B000001.htm BlunderNotes Catalog
Subordinate Structure:         2004/ Year 2004 BlunderNotes
    clueless/ Professor von Clueless in the Blunder Dome (blog)
     wingnut/ Spanner Wingnut's Muddleware Labs (blog)


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Orcmid's Lair Is Being Repaved.

The Orcmid's Lair site is being repaved to correct problems resulting from movement to a new web server.   At the same time, the site is being adjusted to use the latest styles and formats that are applicable to this and other sites of the nfoCentrale.net family.

Check the Site Repaving Project pages for additional details on the approach to repaving and its tracking.  Contact the technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.



You've reached the BlunderDome section of Orcmid's Lair.  Here's a laboratory (BlunderLab) for testing and confirmation of practices for the Orcmid's Lair and other nfoCentrale sites.  It is the place where we try things out before extending them into the official production-site pages of nfoCentrale.  It is also the place where we capture information and examples that aren't substantial enough to fit into a dedicated section somewhere in the nfoCentrale labyrinth.

Each section will contain its own lab notes and information about how experiments are to be conducted.  There are also notes and a notebook structure for the overall BlunderDome.  This allows a single catalog to be used when appropriate: 
Construction Zone (Hard Hat Area)

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