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Ward Cunningham - Revolution in Communication

Ward Cunningham - Is there a revolution coming in the way people communicate?.  I could have saved myself some work if I'd read through my newsfeeds in alphabetical order instead of the reverse-order that I usually follow.  Here Ward makes many points that I have been grappling with in other material I'm digesting.

The Channel 9 folks pulled at least 3 videos out of one Ward Cunningham interview, and here comes a different one.  Ward speaks to the blogosphere, wikis, finding eyeballs for your code, and more than that arranging enough time for developers to express what their code is for and the problem it is solving.

I am going to have to download this video and play it through one sentence at a time to capture every single gem. He talks about cultivating programmers to capture abstractions well and having a process that values abstraction: "You can have a program ... [that] doesn't say what it needs to do as best as it can and so what we do is make sure that a developer, after he gets the program working, can take the time to make the expression of what it does as clear as possible." Then at the end: "At one point we thought it was easy to explain things, but we deal with ideas that are so complicated in the world that we have to practice saying it to find a way to articulate what matters." He's saying that's something that blogs and wiki support, the communal articulation of what matters.

It is a great reminder that the best face-to-face conversations are where people listen intently and promote articulate expression just by listening. So maybe, just maybe, there is something that matters in all of this cyber-socialization.
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