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Blogger: Sudden-Death Updating

Previously, I have expressed my dismay for the risks that live updating of web-based applications expose to users. While I’ve appreciated the support efforts, I have not passed uninjured through the gauntlet of Blogger glitches and deployed defects. It taught me to be thankful that I have Blogger FTP my page updates to my own site, for which I learned to introduce incidence response and recovery procedures.

I’ve known there’s been a “new” Blogger for some time. Today, I find that I am being forced to update. The template adjustment that I just made will be the last time I can enter my account without updating to the new Blogger. I don’t even know whether this post will be accepted. If I hadn’t logged on the old-fashioned way in order to update a template, I wouldn’t have known what was happening. We’ll see how BlogJet manages to connect.

Fortunately, I had backed up Orcmid’s Lair just yesterday while performing some of my continuing repaving of web sites. I think I’ll back up the others right now, and then we’ll see what Blogger has in store for me in the latest and newest.

update 2007-02-17T19:17Z Well, it went so smoothly that I thought I was home free. That is, until I wanted to update this post as part of a logo-image adjustment that I'll talk about separately. Even though I have given BlogJet the new User Id and Password that "New Blogger" requires, it is unable to retrieve previous posts through the Blogger API. I see that this page where I am editing the update is at a different web address than I have seen for Blogger before. Hmm, I'll look into that after I see if the logo adjustments to the page template are working properly.

update 2007–02–18T02:05Z I updated to BlogJet but that didn’t cure my problem.  I fiddled around in an effort to change the BlogJet settings for this Blogger account.  After considerable fooling around, I discovered that the developer documentation on Blogger hasn’t been updated.  The correct URL domain to use for the new Blogger API is “http://www2.blogger.com” and the page is “api”.  It was smooth sailing after that.

update 2007–02–18T02:13Z I also learned that the new-Blogger labels “feature” doesn’t work with my blog, probably because Orcmid’s Lair it is hosted on my own site and not BlogSpot.   But BlogJet supports tags and I will have to see what happens when I set them.

update 2007–02–18T02:28 OK, OK, I was a little careless with the actual settings that I figured out.  It helps to have someone else double-check, huh?

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