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Hedging the Software Biz Game: Feeling Lucky?

According to Stephen Walli, Brent Williams has created one of the best-ever slide decks on the nature of the software business and how open-source software business works.  You can check out the slides (in a PDF file) on Walli’s blog.

You must read this.  If you are in Information Technology or work as an Independent Software Vendor, there are basic economic conditions that you need to understand about the software business, whether employing proprietary or open-source code.  Everyone in Redmond and its outlying satellites should read it for sure.

Don’t be confused by the promotion of the Eclipse model at the end, unless you are inclined to mount a business having Eclipse as the technical platform.  (A tangential question is whether Eclipse can produce lock-in and will IBM Global Services have a set of master keys, but that is incidental to the powerful analysis reflected in the complete slide set.)

I was tickled to see one of my favorite terms, “diagonal functionality” (exemplified by Microsoft Dynamics in its original “Project Green” manifestation) on page 41 of the 48 slides.  I recently illustrated the same notion with the WOES (Windows-Office-Exchange-Sharepoint) stack in a comment on Doug Mahugh’s recent article on Interoperability.

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