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Friday Cat Picture: Weez Ur Trickz n Treatz

[update 2008-10-27: I couldn’t stand the way the picture worked so I am putting in a different one and discussing how it came to be so different.]

Princess and Teh at 14 (redone: click for large image)

Calibrize I am substituting the tightly-cropped version (above), sacrificing the dangling tail of the first arrangement (below).  At the same time, I realize that I had over-warmed and –saturated the image.  To be sure that I obtained something more like I had in mind, I recalibrated my new LCD monitor with Calibrize (thanks to LifeHacker).  This seems to work better than my hueyPro which seems to be confused by my video pipeline.  On the other hand, I may be the one who is confused, having not figured out how to calibrate my display properly by any means.

You, as the viewer, have no idea what I have in mind as a proper presentation of the photograph, above, and the alternative that I found unsatisfactory, below (although the difference in cropping should be obvious).  You can click on the Calibrize button and find your own balanced monitor adjustment (or use your favorite alternative for non-Windows platforms).

That makes this updated post into fodder for my confirmable-experience soapbox and there’ll be more about that in further posts.   Meanwhile, it is time to shop for Halloween candies for the Friday night visitors.  I have a great cat-picture repost to put up at that time.

Princess Psyche and Teh Amor at 14 (click for larger picture)

I really wanted to keep Teh Amor’s tail in the picture, but it makes the composition really cock-eyed.  Looking at it, I think the only solution would be to separate out the two figures and ditch the tail and the framing of them together.  And I’m not going to do that well, just because.  And now I’ve gone and done it.  They are still framed together, but the tail is gone.  Do you see other differences?  Which one looks better in that regard?

The original photograph was taken on Wednesday, October 22, on one of those unexpected and delightful snappy autumn days with bright sunshine.  One or both of the twins will usually laze in the sun on the window side of the vertical blinds.  I have no idea what has them facing into the room.  I was anxious that they not decide to hop down and come closer to see what I was doing.

I’m holding the camera vertically, with the on-camera pop-up flash on the right.  Teh decided to look right into it, hence the village-of-the-demon-cats effect.

No, they’re not dressing up for Halloween and yes, it is a week early.  Maybe they’ve over-dosed on the run-up to the US Presidential Election.  Could be Princess still yearns for Hilary, or maybe for John Edwards?

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