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What Game? I Missed a Game?

Super Bowl XLIII Ads: Hulu with Alec in Huluwood tooI had some Golden Geek projects to carry out on Sunday, February 2, like teaching my up-and-running Windows Home Server to dance and finally upgrading my 1998-model decrepit laptop and home-office web-development server all the way to Windows XP SP3.

Not having a television, I didn’t suffer at all from Super Bowl mania.  On Twitter there were some posts about Alec Baldwin being a complete comedic wacko, and some moaning about the last Quarter and how the game ended.  For calibration, I had no idea who was playing and I guessed the wrong Pennsylvania team.

Well, I do watch Hulu quite regularly, and Vicki is now experiencing that what’s-on-Hulu craving too.  I think we’re going to need more bandwidth around here.

In checking my Hulu RSS Feeds for future viewing opportunities, I now see what Alec Baldwin got himself into.  I liked it.  But then, I liked the Microsoft ads with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld.  Your mileage may definitely vary.

But if you missed any commercials, or you just want to watch the Victoria’s Secret one to verify that you haven’t died yet, Hulu has the line-up, along with their very own venture into Super Bowl ads.

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