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Golden Geek: Picture Personality

Stephen Peront came across this wonderful timewaster project to derive picture personalities.   This is mine.

Orcmid's Picture Personality Mosaic

There are twelve questions that one must answer and then use Flickr search to find a chosen image for incorporation in a mosaic.  Here are my questions and responses:

  1. What is my name? Dennis.  I had to use Dennis Oppenheim’s ‘Device to root out evil.’  Although I used the picture that came up, I much prefer the one here.  Until I read the description, I did not notice that the work depicts a church.  I take that as an affirmation, although I don’t appreciate the metaphor around good versus evil.
  2. What is my favorite food? Peanuts.  But the chocolate chip peanut butter cookies put me over the edge.
  3. What high school did you go to?  Lincoln High School.  There is a different Lincoln in nearby Seattle.   I changed the search to Tacoma Lincoln High School and found mine.  (I figure this is only slightly cheating because the first search is dominated by football photographs from one contributor.)  My Lincoln HS It is approaching its centenary.  I forgot that it is officially Lincoln Park High School, and that is the park land adjacent to the school.  My sisters and I and both our parents attended this school.  Since I was one of the student photographers, I have old photographs of my own, and a number of them are in the Lincolnian 1957 yearbook.
  4. What is your favorite color?  Burgundy.  I hope I’m not asked what my favorite flower is.  This is not a match for the color, but roses are significant for me in a couple of ways, so that’s the choice.
  5. Who is your celebrity crush?  Mary McCormack (of In Plain Sight).  I have no idea what the mosaic process will do with the composition of this photo (hmm, not bad, not bad at all).  I don’t think it is a crush, and there are a couple of other actresses in commanding TV series roles that come to mind.  But Mary occurred to me first.  Now, I had to go to Hulu to find out what here name is, so you can calibrate with that too (and the same is for the others that I notice).
  6. Favorite drink?  French roast coffee.  I don’t know who this guy is, and I hope he doesn’t mind.
  7. Dream vacation?  Olduvai Gorge.  This is the inspiration.  But I like the group photograph more.  Funny, the exhibit of Lucy’s Legacy is here at the Seattle Center until Monday.  I decided not to go see it yesterday.  I think I will reconsider if they are open on Sunday, March 8.
  8. Favorite dessert?  Chocolate Cream PieTiramisu is a recent favorite, but I didn’t think of it first.
  9. What I want to be when I grow up? Inspiring Teacher.  I was tempted to say Linda Zraik, but few would get it and, fortunately, Flickr came up empty.  (I tried simply “teacher” but the cupcakes drowned out the selections.  This selection would have been even more mysterious.)
  10. Favorite morning pastime?  Surfing the Internet.  This little guy says it all.  I call it research and it goes with processing my morning e-mail and reviewing RSS feeds and Twitter.
  11. One word to describe me?  Brilliant.  This is not meant to be a good thing, but something I am driven about.  I like the picture enough to use it, even though it is part of a private joke.  I was hesitant to use this, since it comes across as arrogant (with this selection).
  12. My Flickr name?  orcmid.  That’s tricky because it brings up mostly my material.  This avatar (and my Second Life one) is reflective of me.

The Credits:

1. 'Device to root out evil' by Dennis Oppenheim, 2. plain and chocolate overload peanut butter cookies, 3. Lincoln Park High School Postmarked 1916, 4. Pale lemon yellow, Burgundy red., 5. NUP_115610_0962, 6. Peruvian French Roast at Duckpond Coffee, 7. Olduvai gorge, 8. Chocolate Cream Pie - 4, 9. *Inspire* hand stamped necklace , 10. Surfing the Internet, 11. Brilliant*, 12. Technogeek avatar


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