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Amma Vicki and the Monks

On Wednesday, June 17, 2009, Bodhinatha came from the Kauai Hindu Monastery to the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center in Bothell, Washington.  The visit (pdf) is part of travels that will end up in Edmonton, Canada.

It is a rare treat for Amma Vicki, as she is known (scroll to the bottom), to visit with members of the monastery family at times other than her annual visit to Kauai.  She is always hopeful to learn whether son Senthilnathaswami is along on the journey.   She was delighted to be able to see Bodinatha and Tehadevanatha on this particular visit.

Although I have met Bodinatha, I had not heard him speak to a Hindu gathering until Wednesday.  The subject, “Passing On Our Hindu Tradition” dealt with the challenges of Hindu grandparents and parents living in the West and raising children in the midst of Western cultures and schools.   For a non-Hindu, I found the explanations and suggestions direct and remarkably gentle. 


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