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By Your Start Bars Shall Ye Be Known

Wouter van Vugt and Jesper Lund Stocholm have unwittingly (?) started a new geek Friday pastime: Comparing computer Start Bars (or their equivalent among non-Windows users).  Well, let’s see how many personality revelations I make here:

(main desktop)

(Tablet PC)

(web site dev host)

Scampo: The Start Bar I Use the Most Quadro7: My Occasional Start Bar Compagno: Used only when Updating Web Site via VSS and FTP

Senator, I have to the best of my recollection never opened Getting Started, Calculator, Sticky Notes, Snipping Tool, and Paint on Windows 7.  That must have been someone else.  (This must show how little my start bar has been auto-customized yet, and I have been using other applications.  Hmm, gremlins perhaps?)

Now, the Start Bar is not the whole story.  As you can see, what I might or might not have arranged in my Quick Launch area of the Task Bar is also revealing. 

And, if you don’t find enough tea leaves to read into my psychological profile from the above clips, there is always the system tray for delving deep into the geek psyche:


My heaviest-used Task Bar and System Tray Areas


Kept Light During Windows 7 RC Testing


Just what I need for using its development IIS server and troubleshooting

WHS: The Start Bar I am not supposed to need. Excluding Vicki’s office desktop system, there is still one more machine in the Centrale workgroup.  The fact that I actually had to learn how to use Remote Desktop reveals how much my arrangement is a maverick with respect to Windows Home Server design assumptions.  I didn’t want to be a network systems administrator, but now I am one. 

Well, that was boring.  What can we come up with next week I wonder?


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