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This is different than my main blogs.  I wanted to experiment with Windows Live and have a blog that employed the features and organization of Windows Live blogs.  I have since become disenchanted with having a blog that is not on a server that I manage.  Thanks to the capabilities of Windows Live Writer, I can successfully lift the posts from the Hideout and repost them in the place that is more-appropriate for me.

Spanner Wingnut's Muddleware LabThis is different also.  This is a sandbox blog that I use only for trying things out.  It is different in style but it serves me as a way to try out various changes before introducing them on one of my current blogs. 

My four main blogs have the following descriptions:

Orcmid's Lair Blog Miser Project: Numbering Peano
nfoWorks: Pursuing Harmony

Professor von Clueless in the BlunderDome

I have six blogs to my name, where I set the purpose and content of the blogs.  These are various expressions of me. 

There’s one other blog that is an expression of my partnership with Vicki and her vocation as a potter, Millennia Antica: The Kiln Sitter’s Diary.  My presence is as web master and technical support, along with contribution of my perspective on some of the activities that I participate in.  But the purpose of that blog is to be part of Vicki’s expression of her vocation and love for pottery.

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