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Exulting in having "orcmid" in one more place

When I said “I will Facebook no more Forever” in December 2007, I meant it.  I really meant it.

On the other hand, I knew that Facebook actually maintained my account and all I needed to do was log back into it to have it operating again.  There is evidently a full nuclear destruction available, but I didn’t go that option.  I also didn’t discard my Facebook account password. 

I recall being given a similar reassurance by an AOL telephone representative as I was cancelling my long-standing CompuServe account, the first place “orcmid” was ever seen in public.  (The AOL-ized webified CompuServe was not the CompuServe that I devoted so much time to at the end of the 70s.  It seems I am constantly ending up in the demographic that is no longer the one of a long-time vendor’s keen interest.)

At 10:00 this morning, I was noticing all of the folks on Twitter going on about having gotten their user-friendly Facebook name, or about someone else getting it first. 

Oh oh, “What about Orcmid?” I say to myself at least ten hours after the name-claiming frenzy began.  Well of course “orcmid” was available.  I now have it

I am not back on Facebook.  Yes, my account is active again, but I am not back.

All this means is that when others talk about their Facebook page, or photos on Facebook, or anything-else Facebook, I can go look, because I have an account.

I am not attending to my Facebook page, I am not posting on folk’s walls, I am not friending anyone and I am ignoring mail that comes in saying so-and-so has friended me. 

This is entirely an account of convenience.  I am only a little bit Facebooked.  Honest.  I caught it from a toilet seat.

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To a slightly lesser degree, I've had the same Facebook experience. I went from daily updates in 2007 to less than one per month the last few months. I got on Friday evening to grab dmahugh, and I've received a couple of emails along the lines of "great to see you back online."

Apparently there's a whole hive of activity over there these days, but I must admit I have a hard time caring very much. Flickr, Twitter, and work-related blogging are more than enough social media for me these days.
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