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I am working at having everything of mine present on Facebook, but without Facebook having sole custody.

This is part of my desire to be present and reachable via Facebook without having my attention on Facebook.  Since everything I maintain outside of Facebook is entirely public, I don’t mind Facebook exposing that same materials.  I won’t be giving Facebook applications any way to modify any of my content (e.g., on my Flickr account), so I am not to nervous about this.

I am more nervous about my Facebook presence simply not working the way I would like.

Today I am tidying up the Orcmid’s Lair blog with some links to additional blogs recently added to the stable. 

I am also experimenting with a widget for Networked Blogs on Facebook.  I am not all that confident that it will provide an in-profile presence for my blogs.  That is why it is an experiment.

Here goes …

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