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Orcmid's Lair Is Being Repaved.

The Orcmid's Lair site is being repaved to correct problems resulting from movement to a new web server.   At the same time, the site is being adjusted to use the latest styles and formats that are applicable to this and other sites of the nfoCentrale.net family.

Check the Site Repaving Project pages for additional details on the approach to repaving and its tracking.  Contact the technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


  2014-08-13 Fix the front page to link to my YouTube account and include anything interesting.
  2014-02-03 Bring the full ClustrMap, Creative Commons, and attribution statements into giocchi and into other areas as they are repaved.
  2014-01-31 giocchi/ share the completed giocchi/ content to the hosted-site image
in progress 2014-01-31 Clean up the construction/ top-level construction structure for the latest styles and setup completion of the repaving
  2014-01-31 Clean up the blunderdome/ top-level construction structure for the latest styles and setup completion of the repaving
  2014-01-31 Clean up the blog/ top-level construction structure for the latest styles and setup completion of the latest repaving
  2014-01-29 There is no coherent structure for managing and tracking through the repaving just yet.  The key is to know where there remain open work items and when they are checked off, they can also be checked off here and in related places where there are repaving announcements.  The ones on this page, index.htm, and construction.htm should be the last to "go green."  The top-level management is here.  Review/revise existing work items and and have that structure here.
  2014-01-29 default: This needs to be backed up in a folio and produced via a document-engineering page.  I suppose it can be in either themes or construction.  I fancy themes though.
  2014-01-18 Track the completion of subordinate repaving as needed also, before checking off the overall repaving.
  2014-01-18 suono: will be the place for my audio and home-music creations
  2014-01-18 c080801: Reflect reboot of the repaving activity
in progress 2014-01-18 Review the FrontPorch again for conformance to the most-current construction structure: index.htm, construction.htm, c000000, default.htm, firedrill, quarantine.htm, standby.htm, status.firedrill.htm, status.htm, status.quarantine.htm, status.standby.htm.  Figure out what to do with livesearchsiteauth.xml and c5b952ac.htm also.
  2010-04-03 Hook up writings construction structure
  2010-04-03 Hook up viaggio construction structure
  2010-04-03 Hook up themes construction structure
  2010-04-03 Hook up suono construction structure
  2010-04-03 Hook up strumenti construction structure
  2010-04-03 Hook up sostegno construction structure
  2010-04-03 Hook up SoftDev construction structure [dh:2014-01-18: I'm not sure about this one either, and nowadays I simply use "dev"]
  2010-04-03 Hook up readings construction structure
  2010-04-03 Hook up imprese construction structure [dh:2014-01-18: This means "undertaking" as for projects or something similar.  It might not be necesssary.]
  2010-04-03 Hook up images construction structure
  2010-04-03 Hook up erudizione construction structure
  2010-04-03 Hook up com.orcmid construction structure
  2010-04-03 Hook up centrale construction structure [dh:2014-01-18 This might not be the correct place to continue this]
  2010-04-03 Hook up _private/ construction structure
  2010-04-02 Hook up the index.htm of the status materials to the C000010 material.  I need to get the spelling back to c000010 too.  I need to figure out the difference between c000010 and c000011.  It has been a long time since a firedrill.
  2010-04-02 This site needs a ClustrMap construction inclusion page.  This should be done quickly for substitution in other uses, propogation on other pages, etc.
  2010-04-02 Create the structure under construction/ too, and fix it to deal with Creative Commons if it comes to that.  Not sure how widely to do that, but I might just cover the entire site.  I do need the separation of templates to make it work.
  2010-04-02 Make capitalizations consistent for the foyer and hosting case-sensitivity.
  2010-04-02 Create construction and folder structure under BlunderDome so that the 2010/04/ BlunderNotes can flourish and spread like weeds.
  2010-04-02 Create construction and folder structure under Themes and start one under 2010/04/ on Orcmid's Lair on the web and make historical for the front page, foyer, etc.  [DO THIS BEFORE REPAVING THE FRONT PORCH SO WE CAPTURE WHAT WE NEED FIRST?][dh:2010-04-02 NO, the front porch structure is dandy as a skeleton to be further developed.   Starting on the front porch is fine, because we won't change the default or add an orcmid page until we have themes set up.]
  2008-08-29 default.htm The front page deserves its own folio for historical reasons.  I don't know whether to use imprese or BlunderDome, but I am really tempted about the second.  [dh:2009-02-01 I think the Construction Material section works for construction items.  BlunderDome certainly works for other kinds of folios.   Imprese has nothing at the moment, and these may be different kinds of projects, maybe projects such as viaggio, the readings and bibliographies, other efforts like that.  I will need to keep thinking about this.][dh:2010-04-02 The use of construction to manage the repaving and general construction is relevant.  The use of BlunderDome for more experimental functions, blog migration, etc., is more important.  This leaves info as an interesting problem or missing.  I think I will put it in themes, since Orcmid and Orcmid's Lair are definitely themes for me.]
  2007-02-17 The different status and fire-drill pages used here must be documented and accounted for somehow.  This is a good TROSTing pattern to document there as well.  These eshould probably be included out of a document-engineered folio or three. [dh:2010-04-02 These should be covered under construction materials.]
  2004-08-22 Do the same thing for the index page?  When the index page is altered, the default.htm page is deleted so references will either fail or drop through.  Hmm.  Let's think about this.  [dh:2010-04-02 This is about the firedrill business and what should be done on the index and default pages in a site-wide shutdown.]
done 2014-08-13 Add Google site administration verification to the site
2014-01-31 giocchi/ Complete full (re)paving of the subfolder
2014-01-31 Move giocchi/ notes from here to the appropriate place in the giocchi/ top-level.
2014-01-18 giocchi: will be the place for my gaming development and creations
2014-01-31 When giocchi/ construction structure is set up, splice into the Orcmid's Lair top-level construction structure.
2014-01-31 Establish giocchi/ construction structure, delegate (re)paving into that structure, and splice into the master structure index and construction zone here
done 2014-01-31 Create giocchi/ construction structure from blog/ construction structure.  Get the catalog and local structure from miser/astraendo.  Splice in giocci/2014/02/g140201/ and content from the counterpart in astraendo.
2010-04-03 Hook up Blunderdome construction structure
done 2010-04-06 construction.htm: Introduce the blog/ Construction Zone under the subordinate structures.
done 2010-04-06 index.htm: refer to *counterpart* at nfoWorks with a link
done 2010-04-03 Hook up blog/ construction structure
done 2010-04-02 Fix the c000003d insertion to just say You are navigating Orcmid's Lair construction structure with the only link being to the front porch.  [dh:2010-04-02 Or have construction structure link to the top of the construction structure.]
2008-08-29 construction.htm Make the foyer Construction Zone initial version.
2008-08-29 index.htm Create starter Construction Structure page.
done 2010-04-02 Establish a cgi-bin/ folder as part of the infrastructure
2006-07-15 Introduce the ODMdev-style construction-structure account here and then distribute it to all sections of the site, one at a time. [dh:2006-07-16 there is more information and illustrative implementation in the themes folder.][dh:2008-08-29 This is handled via the repaving project.]
done 2008-08-29 default.htm Replace the title bar with one that renders properly in IE 8.0 standards mode, so we can get past that part at least.  Fix the Hard Hat link to be for Construction Structure.
done 2008-08-29 default.htm Use the repaving notice from the project on the Welcome page
done 2008-08-29 Capture the existing front page views with and without IE 8.0 standards mode.  Capture the backing-in situation too.
done 2008-08-07 Add LiveSearchSiteAuth.xml to the front porch
done 2007-02-17 The images section needs its own construction zone and an account for the images that are there.  There could be something about image-folder projects in the construction folder too, at some point. [dh:2007-02-17 I have started there with a Diary & Job jar and further work items that can be followed in that folder.]
done 2004-08-22 Make name changes for the bases that put them with the file they apply to.  It is easy to see what file has been applied by what is missing.
done 2004-08-22 Complete fire drills with these status and base files and update the status accordingly.  It will be necessary to extend the other testing further.
done 2004-08-22 Make sure that the updating of Include Pages from the base files works.
done 2004-08-22 Make base files of firedrill.htm, quarantine.htm, standby.htm and status.htm.  These are used to backfill their namesakes when a renaming sequence has been used to slam down the status or index page, or both.  The page moved out of the way is made into a .bak page.  The idea is to leave a page slot empty for as brief a time as possible.  These files are not linked from anywhere.  They are here simply to be a base for back-fill and restoration of the files they have content for.  The quickness is for declaring an incident or a fire drill.  Reverting to a normal state and accounting for everything can be more leisurely.
done 2004-08-22 Adjust the title blocks to use a <p>-element instead of <h1>-element.
done 2004-08-22 Simplify the index.htm page now that there is a default page and a status page to work with.
done 2004-08-22 Create a minimal construction zone here with simple description.
0.01 2014-01-18-16:55 Version for the Repaving Reboot
   Repaving management is rebooted and review of previous repaving is added for any necessary touch-ups.  The structure for tracking progress is also improved so that it is known what areas of the site have not had their repaving completed.
0.00 2004-08-22-21:21 Create initial Construction Zone

The original approach is modified to use separate Diary & Job Jar pages for work items and notes.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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