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0.10 2008-08-28-17:28 -0700

We are working out a way of compiling successive versions of and other Peano Numeral files.  We want a systematic way to package and use ALPHA versions that lets us use the different ones without tripping all over ourselves.

This mini-project captures all of the basic efforts to successfully compile the interface and other code that demonstrates it is usable and can be operated.

Current Materials

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0.10 2004-09-19-15:37 Develop Compiling through ALPHA 0.10
The 0.1x sub-project is initiated and taken through 0.10
0.00 2004-06-12-18.25 Work out Compiling for ALPHA Progression (orcmid)
These are the ways we are able to compile the differently-named versions of and other files, or not.

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