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Peano Numerals Project


0.00 2008-08-28 -17:27 -0700

This Java Project is for the development of the Peano Numerals package.  This package will consist of

This Java Project addresses the manifestation of Peano Numbers as a software-development problem.  A number of software-development principles are illustrated in carrying out the project.

For a broader discussion of the nature of abstraction and interface agreements from a linguistic and philosophical perspective about "meaning" of interfaces, there is a web log on Numbering Peano.   The Java project presents the computational demonstration of the concepts.  The web log presents a higher-level view that uses creation of these materials to demonstrate where interface contracts do and do not live. 

This project is currently in a pre-ALPHA experimental, exploratory and ALPHA prototype state.

Current Material

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0.00 2004-06-12-11:33 Kick Off Project Record (orcmid)
Create as the hub project for all of the particles that will be managed to make Peano Numbers as a deliverable package.  Provide initial description.

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