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A running diary and job jar on the construction of the com.orcmid section of  Orcmid's Lair on the web. 




  2006-02-21 Redo the construction structure here to honor the latest approach
  2006-02-21 I may want to eliminate the SoftDev/Java2 tree and move elements to nfoWare and to com.orcmid as projects.
  2006-02-21 Create a project for following through. 
  2006-02-21 Make a raw version that satisfies the Peano Axioms
  2006-02-21 Replicate the J04060x trials using the later JDK.
  2006-02-21 Create the installation of a new jEdit version for use on Scampo
  2006-02-21 Figure out how to put placeholders in the J04060x original locations.
  2006-02-21 Create the installation of a new JSE 1.5 JDK
  2006-02-21 Move all of J04060x to the orcmid/com/2004/06 tree.
  2006-02-21 Create 2004/06/ under Java projects and provide the index structure.
  2004-09-28 Create a construction zone for LLC/pa/pn/ in anticipation of expanded material there.  Then make it the uplink zone from LLC/pa/pn/ALPHA.
  2004-06-12 Get my story straight between Situating Java (on nfoWare) and where I want to blog and also do some other things.  I could keep Situating Java here, and it would have all the material on the same place.  It doesn't deal with the scooping out of a CD edition though.  Does nfoWare?  Think it through. [dh:2004-06-15 See note down at 2004-06-12 also.]
  2004-06-12 Need to do a search on versioning of Java-component distributions and how it works out.
  2004-06-12 Making needless directories?  Asking for the file to be renamed?  Other ways of handling the code problem.
  2004-06-12 Make business about listing all of the variations - compiler used, JRE used, and version of the source code.  [dh:2004-06-15 Have a place where I can refer to the current status and development configurations.  It should be at this level, but I might develop it on a lower level in a provisional way.] [dh:2004-09-28 The strumenti section is the one to use for this.]
  2004-06-12 The handling of package names and the problems of versioning and being able to compile programs depends on the ability to have the right file name.  Replicate the name bug in the compiler, and go off on it.  [dh:2004-06-15 I can accomplish some loosened classes as long as I don't make them public.  This is an interesting situation.]
  2004-06-12 Make clear distinction between the SoftDev/Java2 folder and the com.orcmid folder. [dh:2004-06-15 Do that here and also there, and might as well also tie in about MSC-JV under studying Java.  There might be more on nfoWare related to Java also, but we won't go there just yet, and it can have its own qualifier tree anyhow.]
done 2004-09-28 Add keywords com.orcmid.LLC.pa.pn to the index.htm page of the LLC/pa/pn/ directory.
done 2004-09-19 Make last index.htm mention of to the Project catalog a link.
2004-09-14 Review LLC/pa/pn/ALPHA construction structure for consistent form and tying up to here from the zone there.
2004-09-14 Review LLC/pa/pn/index.htm and related files the same way: index.htm, J040601, J040601a
2004-09-14 Review LLC/pa/index.htm also for uplinking and style consistency
2004-09-14 Review LLC/index.htm for consistency and also touch up the style.  Link to the construction zone here.
2004-09-14 Make sure that Hard Hat logo at this level leads to the construction.htm page.  c000000, construction, index.htm, J000000, and J000001-log
2004-09-14 Include an indication of the next levels down in some sort of index here, or a brief table of organization in index.htm. [dh:2004-09-18 I added this on index.htm]
done 2004-06-12 Add a construction zone for com.orcmid.LLC.pa.pn ALPHA and begin to address the technical issues and questions that go with making "type" com.orcmid.LLC.pa.pn.Num.
2004-05-23 Add construction zone and specific project structure for PN
duplicate 2004-06-12 Add ALPHA section for com.orcmid.LLC.pa.pn so that I can import code and also run project items there.  Oops, I did that on 5-27.
done 2004-05-27 Correct the construction block on index.htm to lead to the construction zone of this section
done 2004-05-27 Correct the header title of the index.htm page.
done 2004-05-27 Add version number to this diary so that completed stages of construction can be archived and the current diary and job jar simplified.
done 2004-05-27 Make a project section at the com.orcmid level: J000000 and J000001
done 2004-05-27 Add ALPHA section under com.orcmid.LLC.pa.pn.  Give it a minimum scaffolding.
done 2004-05-27 Review the tree under SoftDev/Java2 and see if any part of this tree needs to be tombstoned and forwarded to here.  [dh:2004-05-27 There was nothing ever published that is now in this tree.  No changes were needed.]
done 2004-05-27 Review LLC, LLC/pa, and LLC/pa/pn to be correct in the new location.
done 2004-05-27 Rename the folder to com.orcmid so that I don't have to explain using a different name.
done 2004-05-27 Rename the llc folder to LLC, so that there is no typographical ambiguity.
done 2004-05-27 Rename the java folder to c.o so that it clearly stands for Java com.orcmid and is distinct from other material on java.  The short name is to abbreviate the paths here. [I stayed with com.orcmid because it makes http://orcmid.com/com.orcmid coolness and it is more self-evident.]
2004-05-26 Create an index.htm and minimal construction zone at the new java com.orcmid folder.
2004-05-26 Change the titles of all other material to reflect the impending change of location by first using Java and package path identification scheme.
done 2004-05-26 Change the titles of the LLC material to use a Java and package path identification scheme.
done 2004-05-26 Create a java folder at the /orcmid root and move the LLC subfolder to it.
2004-05-23 I am not sure I want to have Java2 at such a low level.  I still want to do it here, though.  Consider whether I should move everything up a level just to have life be tidier.  This means that package path com.orcmid lands at Java2 and we take it from there, either way.  I didn't want to figure this all out this early.  I should check with someone.
2004-05-23 Populate minimal indices of llc, pa, and pn
done 2004-05-23 Create the LLC / pa / pn path in support of a demonstration of platform-independence versus platform-dependence, syntax versus semantics, and manifest abstractions
0.00 2004-05-27-10:25 Create initial scaffolding (orcmid)
Construct a minimum base for spiraling up an Annotated Peano Numbers treatment.

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