Ordinary Page Structure


0.000.01 2008-08-28 -17:28 -0700

This is a placeholder for material that will be provided in a future update.
For now, there is a simple outline and sketch of the function of ordinary-page structure.

0.01 2008-08-28-16:18 Preserve Copy of Original c000005d Material
The description that was at c000005d is copied here for later customization.  This will be reworked for correct description on this page once the folio is relocated and in use from the official construction/templates/00/ location.
0.00 2003-05-26-17:33 Create placeholder for the description of Ordinary Pages (orcmid)
Provides target for the catalog and allows linkage to the material without it being filled in yet.
Construction Shack (Hard Hat Area)


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