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Introducing Dennis Hamilton


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This is the introduction version used in Spring 2004.  It was replaced by version 0.01 for Summer 2004.  The latest version is always found at the main page for this Erudizione note.

My Student Identification PhotographHello, my name is Dennis Hamilton and this is my sixth module in the M.Sc program: MSC-CS, MSC-SE, MSC-JV, MSC-WA, MSC-DB, and now MSC-CC.  This is the photo on my Student ID card.

 I am 65 (since January).  I live in Seattle, Washington (on Pacific Standard Time, gmt-0800, until April 4), with my wife Victoria and our 3 cats.  Vicki is a master potter and teacher (<>).  We have 3 sons, all grown and unmarried.  The youngest, Yogi Japendranatha, is at the Hindu monastery on Kauai, Hawaii, where he is the web master, among other duties.  The oldest lives in Portland, Oregon where he is a rock musician and in a recovery program.  The middle son is a professional stage manager for local theatrical productions in Seattle.  We have 3 sisters.  The middle one, my youngest sister, Carol, works in special education in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

 I wrote my first computer program (in Fortran) in May of 1958 while I was working as an engineering aide at Boeing in Renton, Washington, after dropping out of college the year before.  I had already been interested in computers, and I have worked in practically all aspects of software in the time since.  Some of my experiences as a young, and then not-so-young developer are described in an on-line article, at <>. 

By 1995 I had completed my undergraduate education with a Bachelor of Arts degree in an external degree program.  (I had earned credits in computer science by taking the Graduate Record Examination in CS and challenging the major.  I then focused on philosophy, economics, and anthropology in a variety of classroom courses over the years.)

My last corporate employment was at Xerox Corporation, where I worked as a software scientist and system architect of document-management systems.  I retired at the end of 1998 and I have occasional consulting projects in my semi-retirement.  The most rewarding of these include travel to Japan, where I have several colleagues.

I am in this program for a serious tune up of my skills and to equip myself to teach at this level.  My desire is to pursue computer science as a scholar and as a teacher.  My intention is to excel in my participation here, and in the future beyond.

The E. in my signature is for Eugene, the "orcmid" in my e-mail signature is an on-line "handle" that I have used since 1979.  Compagno is the name of my lap-top computer, where I am set up for the course while I tear down my desktop system ("Centro") for upgrade to Windows XP Pro sometime during this module.  I said that in the last three modules.  I really have to do it now.  I promise to actually put it in my calendar and have it be completed before the completion of MSC-CC, the Computer Communications module.

0.00 2004-02-05: Initial Erudizione Version (orcmid)
Adapt the introduction used for MSC-DB for current use with MSC-CC.  The latest version of this introduction is always at E040200.  

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