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Carrying out the study and dissertation work for an M.Sc in Information Technology is itself a big project.  This is the Job Jar for elements of that super-project. 




  2004-06-26 This material moves to imprese, which is the overall projects section for Orcmid's Lair.
  2004-02-05 Use the introduction in my self-introduction submitted to the MSC-CC module Chat folder.
  2004-02-05 Hook up the introduction to the pl;aceholder M.ScIT summary.
  2004-02-05 Make my self-introduction used in M.ScIT modules one of the first Erudizione notes, and put it in this M.ScIT section.
  2004-02-05 Add E000000 to Erudizione, and E000001-log along with it.  
  2004-02-05 I am hooking, in here, my introduction and perhaps other notes.  These are different than project materials and so they really need to be identified differently.  I have settled on "E" for Erudizione and that will be handled at the top of this section.  It's an odd place but it needs to be somewhere as a specialized matter, and that is how I will do it.
  2003-09-20 Some place it would be good to do a little memoir on how I obtained my Computer Science education.  The impact of the microcomputer, the modem, the PC, the Internet, etc., and how my approaches moved to embrace those technologies.
  2003-09-20 Might want to back up and add Excelsior College experience to this.  Especially the Stanford Summer Session experience, but also some of the other elements.
  2003-09-20 Put the progression of timelines and planning into part of the project job jar and structure so that I can track this more closely.
  2003-09-20 Discuss the planning through the program, my first preferences for courses, and the way I organized myself through the program - some chronology, some summary, and links to the course sections, which may not have much material (or not).
  2003-09-20 Add page that indicates how I came across this program, what had me dig deeper, and how I prepared to dive in
done 2003-09-20 Add P030900 as the Dissertation Project Brainstorming page.  This is important.  I have lots of thoughts and I need to capture them somewhere.
  2003-09-20 Create a project log here, or do I have a project section to Orcmid's Lair?  Have first steps here be indifferent to the answer to that question.
in progress 2003-09-20 2003-09-20 Add page to M.ScIT on dissertation projects I am considering.  Create a project structure for that and make brainstorming topics one of the first elements.

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