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2001-12-13-14:27 Introduce Orcmid's Lair Logo (orcmid)
A version of the NuovoDoc logo is converted to an Orcmid's Lair logo with heavy type and brighter background "star."  This one is slightly enlarged to prevent it being cropped by Word 2000's Save As HTML function.  The Visio 2000 Save As GIF fails to render the alignment and kerning properly, so we link it through a Word document where it is rendered faithfully.
2001-11-29-01:32 Create orcmid /images section (orcmid)
Create an images directory that will house images that are private to Orcmid's Lair and mirrored with it.  This keeps Orcmid's Lair independent of its anchor site.
1. There is a separate copy of the hardhat-logo image.
2. There is a temporary placeholder for the OrcmidsLair-logo until I come up with an image that I like better..

created 2001-11-29-01:32 -0800 (pst) by orcmid
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