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This construction zone provides specific material on the construction and organization of the /readings mini-Web on Orcmid's Lair.

Change History

2003-08-01-10:48 Establish Construction Zone (orcmid)
The steady migration of pages to a consistent HTML 4.01 style, with reliance on inclusion of standard elements for the construction shack, is formalized here.  The annotated-bibliography pages are being restyled as they are touched as part of normal updating.  The construction structure is now updated to reflect that activity.  Further construction zone activity and change history is now recorded in the construction job jar for this section of the site.
2001-11-29-12:33 Complete Mirror Grouping (orcmid)
The top structure of Orcmid's Lair is set up so that there is no dependency on anything global to the /orcmid sub-web.  The only peer dependency is into the /miser sub-web. [2002-03-28: Even that dependency is being removed in favor of http://miser-theory.info/]
1. The images in the title bars of construction-structure pages are located in the /orcmid/images folder.
2. All internal and lateral (miser) references are relative references.
3. Hard links in these pages are being replaced by relative links that do not depend upon their being a known anchor site for location of this material.
2001-11-26-14:32 Begin to Prepare Mirror Grouping
Orcmid's Lair and the Miser Project are interdependent sections that are capable of being mirrored independently of other groups (such as those for DMware).  The relativization of links and the use of global indexes for linking outside of the relative group is being introduced here as it is for DMware.
  1. I am revising the construction structure first, so that relative links work up the tree, and links to the builders of Orcmid's Lair are to an author page in the ultimate (orcmid-level) construction section.
  2. Eventually, the entire group is relative to Orcmid's Lair and the image and construction sections there are the top ones used, with anything else determined from orcmid/construction.
2001-05-10-14:14 Use simplified location-identification (orcmid)
Since I am working here today, I began cleaning up the construction structure to use the simplified "location" identification begun with the orcmid top-level construction-structure pages.
2001-04-08-17:24 Introduce NuovoDoc Centrale identification (orcmid)
The images and links are changed to reflect the new NuovoDoc Centrale nomenclature and branding.
     Amended 2001-11-29: The NuovoDoc identification and the Centrale identification is submerged so that there is no limitation on the choice of anchor site.  Although a NuovoDoc image is being used for the initial OrcmidsLair-logo image, that will be remedied simply by replacing the image later.  All links to the image are already correct.
2000-09-08-12:27 Add Being Coverage (orcmid)
I added a "Being" bibliography and also continued the cleaning-up that originated on the Miser Project.  The notes on readings are now part of a consistent Ryymmnn.htm series of web pages, and there will be a single catalog for the entire Orcmid's Lair group.
2000-07-18-21:53 Expand Some More (orcmid)
I want to include some standard software and programming language books for convenient reference from around the site.  I am going to include them in software tools, because I can't figure out where else they go.
2000-07-18-18:27 Expand Readings (orcmid)
I took apart a working bibliography for The Miser Project, and a few items made their way back here.
1. I started a System Architecture and Design readings page and a Computer Science readings page.
2. I am ending up with a bibliography that is divided up in arbitrary categories and also distributed among projects on infonuovo.com.  I may not like how this goes, but it is what I am doing for now.
3. I finally created a default page, and used it to list the "readings" that there are so far.
4. I tidied up the quality page and made all of the pages uniform.
2000-07-18-14:17 Create orcmid/reading Project & Construction Log (orcmid)
1. The orcmid reading project is created to provide a place for notes, bibliographies, and reviews of material that I find valuable in the work of InfoNuovo and the projects carried on infonuovo.com.  
2. I established an index.htm and this construction.log to provide the initial construction structure.
3. The initial content consists of two bibliographies.  One on materials addressing quality processes, another on the general computing milieu.  These bibliographies are also intended to support more specialized references and notes in individual projects, such as The Miser Project.
4. This collection continues the idea of using random Web-page names for material that is not intended to be cross-referenced and which may be of an ephemeral character (such as BXn9rCKW.htm was originally).  It also means that agents (robots) and trollers can't find these pages by guessing their names.  It is necessary to know the link.  At some point, I may drive myself crazy with this stuff.  

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