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These are all of the notes from readings compiled since January 1, 2000.  Notice that I make a single log for readings, no matter where they are kept.  I am more ambivalent about this than I am about maintaining a single master list of bibliographic citations.

-- Dennis E. Hamilton
2002 February 14


On Created Summary Title
R030800 Winograd and Flores, Understanding Computers and Cognition 2003-08-04

Situating Cognition

R030300 Sommerville, Software Engineering 2003-03-16

The Reach of Software Engineering

R020701 Körner, The Philosophy of Mathematics 2002-07-28

Tip-Toes Around the Abyss

R020700 Whitehead, An Introduction to Mathematics 2002-07-05

Mathematics -- To See What Is General in What Is Particular

R020200 Durant, The Pleasures of Philosophy 2002-02-14

A Philosophical Agenda

R020100 MacKenzie, Mechanizing Proof 2002-01-18

Trust Me! 

R011100 Hacking, The Social Construction of What? 2001-11-23

The Social Construction of Social Construction

R011000 Lewontin, It Ain't Necessarily So 2001-10-16

Scientific Determinism: Misattribution of Reality

Sipser, Introduction to the Theory of Computation 2001-08-07

Sketching Computation Theory

R010502 Bloom, The Republic of Plato  

Republic Book 2 - The Value of Justice

R010501 Bloom, The Republic of Plato  

Republic Book 1 - The Quality of Justice

R010500 Bloom, The Republic of Plato  

On Reading Plato

R010400 C# Essentials  2001-04-01

How C# Matters to Me

R010300 Williams, Plato  

Plato's Idealistic Journey

R010101 Sedgewick, Algorithms 2001-01-04

Do Programs Teach Algorithms?

R010100 Monk, Bertrand Russell 2001-01-02

Russell's Mathematical Journey

Church, Introduction to Mathematical Logic 2000-10-03

Church: Introduction to Mathematical Logic

Davis, Computability and Unsovability 2000-08-09 Computability and Unsolvability
R000702 Frankston in Beyond Calculation 2000-07-18 Beyond Limits
R000701 Bell and Gray in Beyond Calculation 2000-07-18 The Revolution Yet to Happen
Barendregt, Lambda Calculus 2000-08-09 The Lambda Calculus and Combinatory Algebra

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