Incident Report X040702
Blogger FTP Corruption


0.10 2008-08-28 -17:28 -0700

Category: Data Corruption - Transient? Incident ID: X040702
Priority: 9 - Urgent Status: Develop Workarounds and Incident Containment Procedures
Subject: version 5.15 Repaired in: ?.??
Assigned To: Dennis Hamilton Reported By: 
Dennis Hamilton (2004-07-02)
Date Opened: 2004-07-15 Date Closed: none

1. Summary (2004-08-03):

On Friday 2004-07-02 at around 04:44, I was posting a note on "Why Learn Assembly Language" from my account on to my Professor von Clueless in the BlunderDome blog.  The posting was reported to be successful.  However, I could no longer view my blog default page or the page where the article was supposed to have been loaded.

I discovered that all files uploaded along with the posting consisted of corrupted binary information. Repeating the posting did not change anything.  Four files, including the Atom site feed, had been corrupted.  In addition, my profile page contains a link to the corrupted posting.

2. Approach (2004-07-31)

I submitted a trouble report to on the morning of July 2.  I then began posting notices that the blogs should not be updated or commented.  Later that same day, I changed the access rights of the account that I have use for FTP so that no more transfers could take place.  I received a confirmation of my report from later that day.

I restored the material on Professor von Clueless to the last backup.  I did not overcome the problem, I simply restored what I could and left the site locked-down.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, 2004-07-06, I received a response from Blogger support that said 

"I visited your blog and you appear to have resolved the problem yourself.  Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns."

I have not resolved the problem myself, I had simply restored data to the point preceding the corruption.  I don't know how it happened or whether or not it will happen again, so I am undertaking a slow part-time process to capture everything about the incident and then restore operation.  I will not commit much new work to the blog until I am confident that I am prepared to confine damage and recover from any recurrence of the incident.

As part of the lockdown process, I posted modified default pages for all of my blogs and I also learned how to place anouncements directly into the Atom site feeds without relying on

My first priority is to have operation of the blogs restored and to have a process in place for rapidly recovering from any additional failures of this or some other nature.

Then I will re-open the problem report with and let them know that I do not consider the situation resolved.  I can then offer them complete incident information for them to use as they see fit in establishing the root cause and determining whether the situation is resolved.

I also see this as important practice for capturing incidents, quickly recovering, and then completing any software forensics for all misadventures that arise involving these web sites and the blogs on them.

3. Remedies (2004-07-23):  

Workarounds or anything else we know 

4. Analysis (2004-08-03):

4.1 Corrupted Data

The following files have been captured as part of this incident report:

The files have been replaced if there were previous versions that could be restored.  Other files have been removed so that there is no danger of a blog reader inadvertently retrieving a corrupted Atom site feed or blog web page. 

I also learned [2004-08-02] that my profile on contains a link to where the corrupted article post was stored:

3.2 Notification and Response

There's the initial e-mail I sent and the responses I received, including the last one thinking I had solved the problem because I had rolled back the impacted pages.  I need to re-open the incident with when I have solved my urgent needs and have time to interact with them again.  This incident report will provide everything that they need.

3.3 Lockdown

3.4 Develop Incident Response Materials

0.10 2004-07-31-23:42 Link in captured information
Add basic captured information and minimal description that ties in material developed so far.  Change class of incident from Fatal Error to Data Corruption.
0.00 2004-07-15-22:48 Create Placeholder for Incident Identification and Analysis
Provide enough so that announced restoration procedures can refer here as a place to see the latest on incident resolution as well as establishment of incident response procedures for any recurrence.

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