Incident Report X040703
Atom Encoding Incoherence


0.00 2008-08-28 -17:27 -0700

Category: Data Incoherence Incident ID: X040703
Priority: 4 - Important Status: To be investigated
Subject: version 5.15 Repaired in: ?.??
Assigned To: Dennis Hamilton Reported By: 
Dennis Hamilton (2004-07-23)
Date Opened: 2004-07-15 Date Closed: none

Summary (2004-07-23):

  1. The Atom feed from Blogger is an XML file.
  2. The Atom feed will have an encoding set in the XML preamble, as determined by Blogger.
  3. The server that delivers the feed may provide a content-type header that conflicts with the XML preamble.  
  4. There does not seem to be any way to influence this arrangement on a virtual-hosting arrangement such as Microsoft bCentral and others, nor is there much that can be done to serve the Atom feed in some clever way that gets the right thing done (unless it is delivered indirectly through an .ASP page that sets the content-type headers appropriately.  That might work.

Remedies (2004-07-23):  

Workarounds or anything else we know ?  Look into the situation more closely first.

Analysis (2004-07-23):

Provide steps on the actions taken.

2004-07-23 Capture incident information and enough files to reproduce the validation error
2004-07-23 Change the Lockdown for orcmid's lair to use an entry page that is here and tied to the charset 

Complete the analysis and updating of notes

0.00 2004-07-23-23:19 Create Placeholder for Incident Identification and Analysis
Provide enough so that there is an appropriate permanent location for the feed entry that reveals this problem and that allows for addition of the necessary forensic work.  There is an initial job jar and the first captured case.

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