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My Meet-Up Day Collage - 2004-10-05As I move between the blogosphere, Meet-ups, and Geek Dinners, I have the pleasure of meeting and being  met by fellow bloggers.  And, for some reason, meetings of bloggers are occasions for people expanding their snapshot albums.  Me too!

I have come to make great occasions for travel adventures on the available public transit as part of getting to and from Blogger events.  The step I have avoided so far is bringing my bicycle by bus.

This collage is typical of my travel adventuring.  On October 5, I went to from West Seattle to Tukwilla to give blood and pick up some At-a-Glance markable plastic calendar sheets for planning and managing my M.Sc in IT dissertation project.  I had a carefully-prepared bus itinerary that worked my way up to Bellevue and over to the Crossroads Mall where there was a combined Web Loggers Meet-Up and Geek Dinner.

I haven't been good at loading pictures and reporting on the meet-ups and geek dinners.  So this is an effort to start filling in the blanks.  The only events covered here at the moment are

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Start with my last blogger meeting and work back to the earlier ones.  Start with a diary and job jar for developing more material.

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