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V050401b: Neighborhood Cats

I don't think of myself as having a particular intimate relationship with cats, even though there are three that share this household with us.  It was all my doing. 

As an adult, I have also shared my home with a dog,.  That seems like someone else's dim memory.  There were also dogs in my childhood, and I barely remember that.  My sisters tell me that I was very upset when our dog Brownie was found dead one morning.  I find that remarkable because I can barely remember it.  I also remember being afraid of dogs.  I remember getting over my fear of animals too. 

I am not afraid of cats, though the behavior of ours has frightened other people.  In that regard I am probably the poor example that taught them it was all right to do things like leap onto someone's shoulders from the floor.  They don't seem to know that it could be dangerous to surprise someone else that way.

When I look at my relationship with cats, I find that I am grateful for their presence in my life and at the same time, I am probably the aloof one.  Not so aloof that I am opposed to having a cat curl up with me at night or any other time when I am being still.  But mostly, their feline presence doesn't distract me, and I can usually outwait their clamoring for my attention, if I give it any notice at all.

The current household cats are completely black except for some odd hairs on Askani's chest that cement our notion that she is the senior one.  There is a story about each of them and the wonderful experience of  how they learned to live together under one roof.  There is also the perspective provided by Vicki, who cannot pass a cat without stopping for conversation and some grooming.  I'm the one who dreads the prospect that one of those inveigled critters will follow us home and we'll be adopted once again into some complex feline tribe.

So I pay attention to cats too since there have been the cats of Orcmid's Lair.  I have many pictures of that trio and others encountered around the planet.  This is the place where I get to share that and also organize it for our own satisfying recollection.  Just setting up this little folio to hold the first picture I want to share is restoring me to the set of experiences that I have enjoyed with cats.

After all, it is Friday.  And Friday, as every bloggers can tell you, is dreaded cat-picture day.  I don't know why everyone else should have all the fun.  I shall partake of that too, just often enough to become one of those irritants that dismays some bloggers (and non-bloggers looking to put down bloggers). [dh:2005-04-22]

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