Spring in the Neighborhood


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Buttercup poppies in a "natural" yard, West Seattle - Saturday, May 14

Rhododendron at the front of our house

There are many ways that West Seattle is a funky place.  I find great delight in the yard plantings and abundance of wild flowers that are created and tended in splendid variety.

In the sunny days of mid-May, neighbors work in their yards and make little upgrades in the lawns and plantings.  

Many yards have been landscaped with a natural cover, because lawns do not do well here and keeping them watered in the summer (lest the grass go dormant) is costly.

In the house we rent, there is a palm tree and other peculiar vegetation, including herbs and mint.

These dangling beauties descends from vines that penetrate all of the adjacent trees and shubs 

Unnaturally-vivid rhododendron at the front of our house

I don't know what the true color is, and I am reluctant to fool with it for fear of losing the amazing brilliance that showed up here.

Although this is also at the front of our home, a walk of the neighborhood brings out much greater variety, in different styles of presentation and horticulture.








































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I want to say a little more about funky West Seattle, and also experiment with images in my blog.  This is a beginning.

Construction Shack (Hard Hat Area) 

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