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Orcmid's Lair Is Being Repaved.

The Orcmid's Lair site is being repaved to correct problems resulting from movement to a new web server.   At the same time, the site is being adjusted to use the latest styles and formats that are applicable to this and other sites of the nfoCentrale.net family.

Check the Site Repaving Project pages for additional details on the approach to repaving and its tracking.  Contact the technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.


  2008-08-29 Populate Construction Structure through this Construction Material Section
in progress 2008-08-29 Create proper Construction Zone pages here
in progress 2008-08-29 Set up work items for proper repaving of this entire Construction Material section
in progress 2014-01-31 Review and touch-up this Construction Structure and construction zone: index.htm, c000000, c000001, construction, and orcmid.htm.
  2014-01-31 c000000: Review this for work items that can be revised with the lair now being hosted on an overall anchor site.
  2014-01-31 In the rebooted templates content, rely on nfoCentrale as the origin and source for reference material.
in progress 2010-04-06 Put no-follow links in all of the title block and bottom block template-generated links: c000003, c000004, c000005.
in progress 2010-04-02 Go through the c00000x folios and have lower-case links and nomenclature throughout.
in progress 2008-08-28 c000001: Add c000006, c080801, and fix up c040801 properly using the versions under BlunderDome and elsewhere.
  2008-08-28 c080801: Might have the IE 8.0 correction process as a new repaving pass.  [dh:2014-01-31 With HTML5 coming, I am not sure how this gets handled.  Perhaps the goal is to make sure that the necessary top-of-site insertion is present and that the HTML DOCTYPE! is correcct.  I need to find another site where I have done this if I haven't done it here.]
  2008-08-28 construction/templates/00/ Adjust the include pages before anything else, then the construction materials can be repaved using the latest formats and styles.
  2008-08-28 Make c000006 for ClustrMap from NuovoDoc c000006 adjusted for the Orcmid's Lair ClustrMap
  2008-08-28 c000001-log tombstone and redirect to c000001
  2008-08-28 c000010-c000011 become 2004/08/c040801-c040802 [dh:2009-02-01 after that, get rid of the top-level clutter, making sure to get the spellings all lower-case, etc.]
  2008-08-28 Make construction/templates/00/ path with construction structure
  2008-08-28 make construction/default.htm default page to introduce the construction structure
  2008-08-28 Change construction/ to be the Construction Material section
  2005-02-11 Put nofollow in all of the links from Include pages as a way to cut down on the internal referencing, especially to orcmid.htm:  C000005c, 
  2004-12-19 In BlunderDome, we are looking at using construction-structure include pages more consistently so that maintenance of level-specific up-side-links is easily maintained and allows for changes to the image and the links at a single place per level in the site structure.  Follow through on that and figure out what is needed as a wider practice.  When doing this, notice that an up-hill include page can be pulled down, too.  That works for ones that link sideways and are to the one place that subordinate pages must come upward to as well.
in progress
2004-06-02 Switch to the simpler title <p> element in place of the <h1> element: C000000index.htm, construction.htm, orcmid.htm, 
from there to the other sections of Orcmid's Lair and ultimately all of nfoCentrale.  At some point, we may meet CSS in all of this too.  Maybe in nfoWare when we learn to programmatically manipulate and transform material of the blog.  That would be the cool way to do it..
  2004-05-16 Add a construction zone to the Themes section, and then create a themes structure.  This is probably structural rather than by accession, or is it?
  2004-03-28 Check all center title blocks and make sure the Sans Serif scheme is applied, along with preservation of the red color in links.  Then apply it to the construction structure of all sections here, and any content pages. dh:2004-03-28: did default.htm, confirmed index.htm and construction.htm at root. dh:2004-08-14: orcmid.comC000000
in progress
2004-02-05 Scan what I have about trains, send some to Holland and Arjun, my classmate there.  Then put up something about that here.  Maybe it is time to make something like my Wisdom Course biography and tie into this site, my themes, and so on. [dh:2004-05-17 The viaggio section is a start on this.]
  2004-02-05 Scan the note card from "Sterling Templar" and send a copy to Lesley Charteris too.  I think she'll get a kick out of it.
  2004-02-05 Add MSC-CC to the /erudizione section.
  2004-02-05 Blog my insight about how to deal with spam, being communicated with, and so on.  This is also relevant to placing my public keys where they can be found.
in progress 2004-02-05 2003-09-08 On orcmid.htm here, get rid of the duplicate horizontal rule at the bottom and add something about my OpenPGP public key and my fingerprint.  I can put my fingerprint here, and also let people know about my X.509 certificate too.  Also, identify the source of the photograph.
  2003-08-04 Make sure that the bottom Hard Hat image links are not to index.html.  Include in a link review of the pages in sections that have been conformed to HTML 4.01 so far: /construction, /readings, and the root.
  2003-08-03 Add C000099-org.htm and begin to describe the construction organization.
  2003-08-03 Review the site and make sure there are no anchor-relative links from anything but what is identified in C000002.  dh:2003-08-03: construction/ construction.htm and index.htm done.
  2003-08-03 Improve the entrance to the construction section with a better index and a default.htm, allowing for the fact that construction links of other pages and construction materials all come here.  dh:2003-08-03: construction.htm and index.htm cleaned up.
  2003-05-30 Under NuovoDoc, look at having ce (confirmable experience), ci (conceptual integrity), pa (performance architecture), and the requirements gap (rg) as sections or topics or something. dh:2003-06-27: Also figure out where I put toolcraft and add something to that.
  2003-05-30 Identify a blog project about what it would be like to have blogging more on a P2P basis, rather than through a web service, what that might provide, and how it could tie to the Feuding Lexicographers
  2003-05-30 Add, to any site that has a construction zone, at least C000003b.htm for the zone link by any construction structure pages beneath that zone. The idea is that the construction zones are stitched together in a way that this works.   This technically means there must be a C000003.htm that represents the zone structure.  That is probably fair enough.
in progress 2003-08-01 2003-05-27 The original anchor-site construction page was C000001, not C000002.   Change it to C000002 everywhere that there is construction structure on nfoCentrale.net.  C000099 is officially the -org page for the construction pages and the (mirror) site.  It is all about construction.  Other kinds of organization, such as project structure, other goodies, may or may not have the organization here.  This can be bridged by links to related materials, and may be covered by additional construction pages to the extent that it is about site structure and where things go.  dh:2003-08-01: C00002 done for millennia-antica. dh:2003-08-03: orcmid.com covered.
in progress 2003-05-26 Review all construction files and ensure they are all HTML 4.01 with the required structure and meta tags.  C000000 OK, C000001 fixed, dh:2003-08-03 C000002, index.htm  OK, construction.htm conformed, orcmid.htm conformed.
  2003-05-26 Include the Niagara Falls photograph and the T-shirt photograph on orcmid.htm.  [dh:2004-08-14 Tie this to an Orcmid sightings page under Viaggio too.][dh:2010-04-03 I think I would rather have an Orcmid folio in the themes section and have it source the page in the construction section and also be a better source directly.]
  2003-05-26 Include photograph of the orcmobile beyond the license plate on orcmid.htm
  2003-05-26 Have construction.htm do what -org does in other structures.  Note that x000002 could have been for "anchor" elsewhere.  I should have done that and I didn't.  It looks like the key number for "org" is x000099, or zz.  I guess for consistency, zz is semi-ambiguous and we will simply resolve not to need it here. -- dh:2003-08-03: We will keep x000002 for "anchor" dependencies and use x000099-org.  [dh:2009-02-01 I have no idea what this is about any longer.  Maybe org is for organization?  It would appear that the Construction Structure approach makes some of this unnecessary.]
  2003-05-26 If the root-relative path references work, use them over in Group34 too.  Cover this in c000002 as well. [dh:2003-08-03: root-relative paths work, but they do not work for access by other than web servers.  Consequently, root-relative should not be used for anything that FrontPage Includes will adjust correctly.  The only case where root-relative may be required is for a link in an image.  This is needed only to make a relative link that is independent of the location of the page doing the Include.]
  2003-05-26 Add a c000002 on anchor-site dependencies.
  2003-05-26 c000003c is designed to be anchor relative.  This needs to be confirmed as working and also verified with all of the Orcmid's Lair mirrors. [dh:2010-04-03 The last time I checked this, it did not work.  I need to look again, but the new Construction Structure model does not require this.  I can solve it now in the c000002 page.]
  2003-05-26 There is a comment in the Rotor book about JScript that has me wonder if JScript objects can be tainted by operations to which they are passed as parameters.  I need to check that out, as well as other questions about how JScript interacts with interfaces and can deliver dynamically bound objects having multiple methods. dh:2003-07-17 Yes they can.  It is part of the definition of ECMAScript that the members of an object are basically a dictionary and it can be altered by anyone, replacing existing members and adding new ones.  This does not provide what I want to see in terms of object privacy and security and contracted interfaces.  It remains to be seen whether this is also true even for objects obtained via their COM interfaces using JScript.
  2003-05-25 VSS and IIS and FrontPage are at the heart of site development here.  Reflect that in the SoftDev, WebDev, Centrale, and construction sections with some appropriate division and hyperlinking among topics.
done 2016-01-05 Add LinkedIn profile button to orcmid.htm and also correct the phone number.
done 2014-01-31 Reboot the repaving: put in review for touch-ups of previous repavings, then complete the repaving here.
done 2014-01-31 c000003d: Tweak it so that it includes in all of the construction structure pages properly.
2004-08-22 The root needs a construction zone c000000 page and revision of the construction.htm page to reflect the current approach.
2008-08-28 Prepare for repaving of orcmid.com and the scan for IE 8.0 by adjusting the Construction Material section first [dh:2008-08-29 We get the essentials so we can also make new material properly and also start percolating from the foyer of the site.]
2008-08-28 c080801: Customize the include elements first, then start working on the repaving construction structures
2008-08-28 Make c080801 Site Repaving folio derived from the NuovoDoc c080601
done 2008-08-28 c000001: rename from c000001-log.htm
done 2008-08-28 make consistent capitalizations of c000000-c000011 files
done 2008-08-28 c000002 - c000005 should be moved wholesale to construction/templates/00/
done 2008-08-28 For templates, the mapping is c00000? with content from c00000?d, c00000?f the Creative Commons version of the "You are Here", c00000?e the FrontPage Styles, c00000?d the "You are Here" from c00000?c, c00000?c Hard Hat Block, from c00000?b, c00000?b Site Logo from c00000?a, c00000?a Diary & Job Jar newly created
done 2004-12-19 In C000003b.htm, switch from anchor-relative to pure relative linking to the construction shack and see if that works better as an anchor-independent method.  Yes it does.
done 2004-12-19 In C000004b.htm, the use of a construction link off of the root (e.g., "/orcmid/construction" as a shortcut) will not work when the material happens to be anchored differently.  See if this can be handled with a relative link to the construction section and if not, abandon the practice. -- Yes it can.)
done 2004-08-13 Clean up the C00000iC.htm pages to provide clean indication of what is being navigated.
done 2004-07-15 Create a support section for status information and incident reports and analysis.  Make minimal one where further development of support construction is handled in the construction zone there.  We will use sostegno.
2004-05-17 I have created the imprese section, but it has no content.  Give it a minimal construction zone at once, and explain that I am using "imprese" for "undertakings" in the sense of projects and activities, rather than "progetti" which are more about the plans and schedules than the activities themselves, as well as I can tell.  Look at 2003-05-30 in this job jar!
2003-05-30 Add construction zone to /imprese, and put having a project structure in as its first project
2003-05-30 Add a construction zone to the blog area and look at what it takes to have that work, how to link archives differently, so that they can be blocked out once not revisable, and then only maintained from centrale rather than from blogger.  [dh:2004-06-26 The new blogger style allows lockdown of the posts, but not the archives.  Once I disintermediate my blog, I can do the rest.]
done 2004-06-16 Create BlunderDome as a place for screwups, tests and trial-use of various kinds and, best of all, the home of clueless.  Give it a construction zone of its own.
2004-05-17 Version this page and be prepared to roll-out the old material as I manage to complete some block of it.
2003-05-30 Come up with a means of managing review of all of these job jars, including job jars for private activities (which are configuration-managed and accessible on my local intranet, but not on a public centrale server). [dh:2004-06-16 Uh, duhh, use the FrontPage Task system, maybe, to remind myself where there are job jars with open items?  This won't be too tough.  Right click on this page, for example, and Add Task.
done 2004-06-02 Clean up C000003a, C000004a, and C00005a to remove the shadow <a>-element.
done 2004-02-05 Some sort of notes section is called for here. It might be appropriate to tie to my blog, but I am not sure.  For example, my self-introduction could stand to be managed as a note, with backup pages and subordinate material in the standard notes/project structure.  dh:2004-02-05 I finessed the notes-section part by adding a notes-structure to erudizione.  It uses Eyymmnn structure.
done 2004-02-05 Review the /erudizione/M.ScIT section, bring it more current, and figure out whether the projects diary is appropriate there.  Also, use the erudizione construction zone for work over there, rather than expanding on it here.  Yes, the projects diary for the M.ScIT is appropriate there.
done 2004-02-05 Put my introduction into the /erudizione/M.ScIT section so that I can refer students to it here and not have so much in the posted version for every course.
done 2004-02-05 Review the root level of the /erudizione section to deal with it being referred to.
done 2004-02-05 Correct the link to Orcmid's Student ID photo on /construction/orcmid.htm
done 2004-02-05 Bring the root pages into conformance with the current style requirements.  Update index.htm, construction.htm, and default.htm to be at standard and also connect to erudizione.
2003-05-27 Update the Orcmid's Lair index.htm, construction.htm, and default.htm to follow the current construction-structure templates and guidelines
2003-05-23 Find out what the default page search order is for this site on nfocentrale.net
done 2003-08-03 Eliminate anchor-relative links in the text of C000003c done, C000004c done, and C000005c done.  Also make sure they have the proper cloaking accomodation.
done 2003-08-03 Borrow the C000002.htm from millennia-antica and use it here too.
done 2003-08-03 Clean up all links to images in the construction materials for orcmid.com: C00003a - done, C00003b done, C000004a done, C000004b done, C000005a done, C000005b done.
resolved 2003-08-03 The use of anchor-relative links from images will not work on sites that are being accessed as files and directories, rather than through a web server.  I don't have a solution for that.  dh:2003-08-03: I can eliminate all but those in the links attached to images, which are not adjusted by IncludePages operations.  These are the only cases that we will allow, and we will confine them so they are covered in C000002.
done 2003-08-03 Correct the image location in C000003b.htm to find the image relative to the C000003b page and not anchor-relative.
done 2003-08-01 Move items specific to /reading to the construction zone there.
done 2003-08-01 2003-07-17 Put a construction zone in the readings section, so it has a job jar of its own.  Then it may be desirable to have a project page if the readings-log is not enough for what I am up to.
done 2003-08-01 2003-05-30 Add construction zone to readings and carry things like remembering to refactor and reidentify the citations in softools.htm, etc.
2003-05-27 Create SoftDev / Java2 folders and construction zones, working top-down
2003-05-25 Where will I put Java2 development, certification, and practice?  Are softdev and webdev their own sections or what?  Let's go with softdev and have Java2 underneath it?  
done 2003-05-27 Add /compagno section under /centrale, expanding the construction zone top-down
done 2003-05-27 Update /centrale to have minimal construction zone
2003-05-25 Add a minimal construction zone to the erudizione section
done 2003-05-27 Create enough minimal structure in erudizione to have its own job jar and hold public materials about the courses.  We are going to install an update to eMBAnet software, so work it off the job jar over there.  Note that a minimal construction structure is an index.htm page. The next level adds a job jar and a construction.htm page.  That's it.  Add them in sequence, index.htm first, then any additional material.
done 2003-05-26 Restore the brighter red used on other pages to orcmid.htm
done 2003-05-26 Customize orcmid.htm to use the construction material template.
done 2003-05-26 Customize index.htm to use the construction structure template.
2003-05-23 Customize the Construction Structure of /construction
2003-05-23 Customize the Ordinary Page Template for Orcmid's Lair.
2003-05-23 Customize the Construction Structure Template for Orcmid's Lair.
done 2003-05-23 Customize the Construction Material Template for Orcmid's Lair
done 2003-05-23 Provide initial construction job jar (this page)
done 2003-05-23 Create imprese folder for materials on projects and enterprise related to Orcmid's Lair
done 2003-05-23 Create erudizione folder for materials on education and scholarship
done 2003-05-23 Clone the Group34 construction materials to orcmid for customization here
0.01 2014-01-31-19:31 Rebooting of the Repaving
As part of the rebooting, this level is touched-up for the latest approach to styles and formats of construction structures/material and the repaving is rebooted as part if reviving and adding sections to Orcmid's Lair.
0.00 2003-05-23-16:11 Initiation of Diary & Notes (orcmid)
The Construction Shack change history is frozen and continuation of diary and job jar is provided here as part of the expanded construction materials.

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