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The Construction Shack provides specific material on the construction and organization of Orcmid's Lair on the World-Wide Web.

Change History

2003-05-26-18:12 Change to Standard Construction Structure (orcmid)
The construction structure worked out on Group34, the MSC-SE team project site, is adopted here, with further refinements.  It is being spread over the entire site as quickly as possible, and also companion sites of nfoCentrale.net.  No further change history is captured here.  It is handled via the job jar and related materials.
2002-10-12-17:02 Minimal Accommodation of Cloaking (orcmid)
1. To deal with cloaking, all links outside of Orcmid's Lair, relative or absolute, are set to whole-page framing.   This will withdraw the cloak and leave room for surrounding with a new one, if appropriate.  That is determined by the target domain.
2. We are not going to fuss about links within the site.  We probably should, but we won't deal with that until there is a better solution.
3. 2002-10-13: The Millennia Antica site was redone based on this approach.  There is more experience captured there until it is captured in the centrale section here.  This includes is an interim approach for the image reference and the preferred site references that might arise, as in orcmid.htm.
2002-08-19-21:11 Conversion to Mirror Site under nfoCentrale.net (orcmid)
1. The dependencies on relative links or inappropriate absolute links were reviewed and adjusted throughout the site.
2. The one relative incoming link was caught and repaired.
3. The pages were shared into a new project under the nfoCentrale.net development site on compagno.
4. Then the pages were branched and shared into the image of nfoCentrale.net and uploaded.  On the compagno development section, orcmid is a new web located beneath nfoCentrale.net.
5. The current Network Solutions, Inc., forwarding of orcmid.com to www.infonuovo.com/orcmid/ has been changed to nfoCentrale.net/orcmid/.  Maintenance and further modifications are being made here while we awaiting that new web forwarding going into effect.  
6. Once domain orcmid.com has been moved, the InfoNuovo.com location will be tombstoned and deleted from the development site altogether.
2001-11-29-01:48 Line up with Orcmid's Lair group mirror structure (orcmid)
Adjust the construction structure to link to the anchor-site construction structure in a way that is independent of that particular structure and the anchor-site's URL.
1. Change to use local images and refer locally except for the one upward Construction Shack reference.
2001-11-05-22:36 Create orcmid /construction section (orcmid)
Create an initial (empty) directory that will house information about the construction of Orcmid's Lair itself.

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