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A running diary and job jar for creation of the Web Log Status support page 




  2005-05-11 Update X040701 and identify what all the supporting pages are.
done 2005-05-11 Reflect current archive status for Orcmid's Lair and Prof.v.Clueless.
done 2005-05-11 Add TROSTing to the status
  2005-05-11 Delete X040701C so I won't use it for anything any more
  2004-09-09 The InfoNuovo comment could be usefully linked to a business history and site history description in NuovoDoc Information Notes.  [dh: This job jar has gotten really stale.  I am not sure when I will come back for the needed housekeeping.  Conflicting priorities.]
done 2004-08-26 Change the color of the Please Stand By feed diagram to the light red background that I like.  Add red in the top titles.
  2004-08-23 What we find here must be reflected in the documentation on how to synthesize an Atom Feed.
2004-08-23 Each feed needs its own bad-atom.xml counterpart, because of the distinct identity of the feed.
  2004-08-23 With the first try at a feed, NewsGator recognized one message, then deleted everything, including the feed.  I need to find what it takes to identify the feed.  I probably have to leave more things intact from the leading elements of the <feed>, before the first <entry>.  I need to find out what that minimum is. [dh:2004-08-25 the feed wasn't deleted, it was renamed because I had changed the title, so it went into a new folder that I didn't notice.  See X040802.  Finding out what the minimum is remains as something to accomplish.]
  2004-08-23 Describe the structure of the message so that it will be recognized as a valid feed.
2004-08-22 Add the status of all nfoCentrale.net sites on the status page here.  DMAtech.info, DMware.info, eoWare.org, Millennia-Antica.com, Miser-theory.info, nfoWare.com, NuovoDoc.com, ODMA.info, orcmid.com
  2004-08-22 Move or do something with the atom-feed.bmp that is currently in the /orcmid root folder.  It should not be there.  Who refers to it?
done 2004-08-22 Change the red color I use so that it is sharply distinguished from the almost-orange "yellow" type color that I also use on the status page.
  2004-08-22 I don't need to switch from X040701B to X040701C. I have made too many changes and should recover the summaries and such on X040701B.  I still need a place to do other things, and X40701C might be reusable for that.
done 2004-08-22 Repair the leading in the reduced-size version histories at the bottom of the included pages. X040701D.htm, X040701E.htm, B040801B.htm.
done 2004-08-22 Announce the pending change in status location
  2004-08-22 Consider a stronger announcement for a security breach and possible defacement or something more dangerous to visitors.
  2004-08-22 Figure out what has to happen with the reference to background information (FrontPage Styles) with these include pages.  Does it work completely?  This could be an incident report. [dh:2004-80-27 The FrontPage Styles don't come over, or else they may be broken links, one or the other.  In addition, the title and any meta-tags (language and encoding, for example) need to be updated in the Properties of the page, even though its entire content -- the innards of the <body>-element -- is from an Include Page.  Write this up somewhere.]
done 2004-08-22 Update the three IncludePage sources to now refer to the top-level site orcmid/status and companion pages: X040701D, X040701E, and B040801B.  
done 2004-08-22 Conduct a fire drill with the orcmid/status materials, verify that everything is working fine.
done 2004-08-22 Create an orcmid/quarantine.htm that uses IncludePage of BlunderDome/B040801B to reflect status.
done 2004-08-22 Create an orcmid/standby.htm that uses IncludePage of X040701E.htm for "Please Stand By" announcements.  
done 2004-08-22 Create an orcmid/firedrill.htm that uses IncludePage of X040701D.htm for "This Is a Test" announcements.
2004-08-22 Replace X040701.htm by a page that indicates where the status is now located and also now provides some descriptive material about the implementation and support of Web Log Status.  This is clearly a version change.  Do this after the status pages are up and running and the links to it from other places are reviewed. (Links don't all have to be caught. X040701 will provide a note about where the status has moved to.)
done 2004-08-22 Create an orcmid/status.htm that uses IncludePage to have the correct status that is maintained here (at X040701B.htm at the moment).
  2004-08-22 In the most-rapid slamdown situation, a page will be absent for a time, and other pages may go missing because of renaming.  It would be useful to have another way to do that.  For example, where the deletion of a default page exposes a status page (something that could be done with the blogs that use default.asp pages.)  In general, it would be great to do this where there are no intervals in which bad responses occur.  I don't know how to guarantee that, though.  Since FTP rename is really move, I wonder what it does when the target already exists.  [WS_FTP has copy on the context menu.  Try that!][dh:2004-08-22 Copy doesn't work into the same directory, and apparently keeps the name.  That might have limited use though, as when working between the root and a blog level.] [dh:2004-08-27 It doesn't work from a different directory either.  It looks like WS_FTP is happy to do it, but there is a socket problem that comes up between compagno, nfoCentrale.net, and all points in between, including my software firewall and perhaps my residential firewall/router.  I am logging an incident about that.]
  2004-08-22 I need an incident log somewhere that shows the fire drill results.  It is too much to put on the status page, but it could be referenced from the status page.  It is incident information, and timing information.  And then lessons-learned on the end.
done 2004-08-22 The firedrill reveals that it is too clumsy to have to remember which X040701z.htm pages should be messed with, especially if I am doing this in a hurry from an unexpected place.  Make status.htm, firedrill.htm, and standby.htm pages, maybe quarantine.htm pages too, so they can be used within a blog.  There need to be versions at a level of the site that Blogger doesn't have access to, so handle that too.  Update the Slam Down procedure to reflect this once it is set up. [dh:2004-08-22 They are at the Orcmid's Lair root and will also be near the blog pages.]
  2004-08-22 Find out if Include Pages will work from NumberingPeano (in Miser-theory.info) to here, or does that blog and site need its own status, etc.  Hmph, I guess it must have its own, the question is how are they built.
done 2004-08-21 Make the "This Is a Test" page also be location independent so that it can be copied into any location, have its 
2004-08-15 The "Please Stand By" message seems like a suitable message content for the slammed Atom site feed too, and that page could serve as the <id>-element target required by Item.
  2004-08-15 Consider how one would script the slam process so that it only required the host site to do it, and how would we handle that, the threat model, etc.
  2004-08-15 Include performance information in the test page, as well as suitable fire-drill symbols.
2004-08-15 Have X040701D test page refer to X040701E stand-by page and provide other information too.  But it doesn't have to be perfect to get through the first test and timing exercise.
2004-08-14 All slam pages in other notes should also point to the Slam-Down and Incident Response Procedures.
2004-08-14 All versions of the Web Log Status page should point to the Slam-Down Incident Response Procedure.
2004-08-14 Make X040701E as the incident-in-progress substitute page
2004-08-14 Make X040701D as the test/fire-drill substitute page
  2004-08-14 Update B040801C to reflect the steps taken in carrying out the fire drill and the full test.
done 2004-08-14 Create a place where the Web Log Status slam-down process is to be described.
done 2004-08-14 Correct 0.00 table format so that date column is not word-wrapped.  (12% works for this page)
2004-08-14 Make page 0.10 as a non-provisional subordinate page and adapt it for better status presentation and history. [dh:2004-08-23 Because the firedrill states were reflected in 0.00, the version cloned for 0.10 is out of date.  I also decided to do something different, such as do a spill of some sort into a deeper history.  I may do that with X040701C.htm instead of what I'd intended.]
done 2004-08-14 Move page 0.00 to a subordinate page and use it as an include page in the top level summary.
done 2004-08-14 Announce Fire Drills in progress in the status page
done 2004-08-14 Clean up the wording and don't talk about colored balls until there are some.
2004-08-03 Add three alternate pages here for direct use in reflecting status: A normal page that is usually present as the result of an include pages operation, a test page for fire drills, and another page as a placeholder for incident initiation.  [dh: 2004-08-15 reflect this in the documentation: When there's time, this is handled by the include-page feature of FrontPage, so that there is a complete version history of incidents.  It is still possible to do more accelerated cases, then revert to working from the development site rather than slamming the site image. [dh:2004-08-15 The Please Stand By page is suitable for slamming other pages quickly, such as a default blog page.  It is also a good message for the slammed Atom site feed.]
  2004-07-15 Set up the green-yellow-red status summary using the same image trick for current status
2004-07-15 Adapt a table for status history and add initial entries [dh:2004-08-22 I did this by adding it to the provisional status page for now, with prospect for spill and also recovery of earlier history later.]
  2004-07-15 Fix the way green-yellow-red ball images are accessed from the blogs themselves that the status can be changed here just by copying the right image to the one that reflects current status.
done 2004-07-15 Create this page with the Lab Notebook style

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