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  2006-01-29 Review the annual indexes and include summaries of what the individual rolls contain
  2006-01-22 Go through the pictures on other people's sites and see how many people I can identify in my pictures.
in progress 2005-11-17 Move V040508 to 2004/05 and expand for additional library images
  2005-11-17 I want to place the Viaggio notes on the same structure as the Fotos, differentiated by prefix.  I need to look at moving the Vyymmnn folios/pages first, backing them up with Include Pages where they are already referenced.   Start doing this as I add material to existing folios.
  2005-11-17 One of my projects for holiday weeks is to clean up my photograph files and post more viaggio entries.  I also need to catalog the CD-ROMs of all of my images and file the negatives.  I will do that a little every day through Thanksgiving, and perhaps again around Christmas (though I will be on the hook for ODMref 1.0 and other material after that).
  2004-09-13 Construction Issue - The Hard Hat Area images in the construction block on these notes need to consistently link the construction zone that will be here forever.
  2004-09-13 Because all of this scaffolding, which is pretty much all there is here at the moment, is exposed to blog visitors, I need to put down some carpeting (astroturf?) and tidy up a little for people who like walking through framed but unfinished housing developments.  So I need to put up some notes about what this is and how it is organized.  Should not be too difficult.  It will also force me to look at the better way to gather images on thematic topics and to structure the notes that overlay views into them.
  2004-09-13 Construction Issue - I need to move and rename a bunch of image files to fit them into the system and I need to do it quickly before I have too much mess.  I can't rename (or move) the ones that are referenced from blog pages, because I don't know how to redirect them and I don't know how well that works inside an image tag anyhow (actually, it works just fine since I redirect into the anchor site all the time).  I can leave the externally-referenced ones alone but disconnected from any other use.  That seems appropriate.
  2004-09-12 Now I need to start creating the FOTyyrr catalogues over here.  I think I would do them within the year-date folders or maybe within their own folders, with a catalog up higher.  More to figure out.
  2004-07-17 I was remembering the great Buddha at Kamakura, and thinking I should put in the effort to put that part of our Japan trip up on the web.
  2004-07-17 V040506: Include Ben Barlow's reconstructed Mini?
  2004-07-17 V040506: Include two pictures of mini's in Japan.  One from my first trip to Yokohoma, the next from our visit to Kyoto in 2002.
  2004-06-13 V040504: Correct grammar in Wysteria description and mention that it is wysteria - caption underneath?
  2004-06-13 V040502: Clean up wording about "plotting" and also clean up the description text.
  2004-06-13 V040506: Add the State Farm mini to V040506 and make it part of West Seattle funkiness too.
  2004-05-17 Look at where I am going to have technical information about photographs and also about the particular images.
  2004-05-17 Make sure that renaming an image file leads to automatic update of the references to that image, and confirm that before I go much farther.
  2004-05-16 There's a theme around photography and what I used for it, what the evolution was over time, [added 2004-05-17]: what my equipment is now, what it has been when, etc.
  2004-05-16 Tie this material to themes 
  2004-05-16 Tie this material to my biographical calendar and its creation here
  2004-05-16 Reconcile these pages with the Foto cataloging structure that has been in use for years
  2004-05-16 Rationalize the identification of images here and with other image-creating processes
  2004-05-16 Come up with documentation of the approach here, including the use of accession numbers
done 2006-01-22 Make 2006/02 folder for F0602 and make its index
done 2006-01-22 Make 2006/01 folder for F0601 and make its index
done 2006-01-22 Make 2006 folder for the first pictures processed then
2004-08-13 It is imperative that I figure out the FOT cataloguing stuff (I can reduce to a single F) and start figuring out how to handle the structure.  It is different than Fyyrrffx.ext for year, roll, frame, and whatever.  The x could deal with different versions of the image, editings, croppings, resolutions, whatnot.  I need to do this quickly.  FOT is chronological, and V's are sort-of topical.  I can also see wanting to organize these by year and maybe even finer than that.  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.  [dh:2004-09-12 I catalogued my CD-ROMs of photographs so that I now know what numbers to give the different frames.  I then inaugurated the Fyyrrffv scheme with F041106a and F041110a for my cropped, resized, and resampled versions.  Now there is no excuse not to do more of these!]
2004-08-13 I want to do an Orcmid sightings page and show the one from Dave Winer and also the one from the WebDAV interoperability meeting. [dh:2004-08-21 more moved to the job jar there.]
done 2004-07-17 V040506: Clean up alignment of the version entry at the bottom - it is centered instead of left-justified
done 2004-06-13 Fix the indenting and positioning of the version information underneath V040506
done 2004-06-13 Correct linking to V040506 from the description in V000001-log.
done 2004-05-19 Start a piece of family album with the picture of Christine and Audrey
done 2004-05-18 2004-05-17 Do a Wiki Wiki page to provide the images that matter for Wiki Wiki
done 2004-05-19 2004-05-17 Do "Let's Motor" as a way to start on minis and cars

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