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There are occasional Orcmid sightings and it is time to compile some of them. There are two I keep saying I will put here, and I see that others can be clipped from time to time.  There is no chronology to it here, and each one has a story.

A gaggle of Office Open XML Developers

2007 March 13.  In a rare orcmid sighting, I met some Microsoft Open Office XML folk and others who came to an OOX workshop in Redmond, March 13-15.  I'm not in many pictures because I am usually taking them.  In this case, the hostess at the Rockbottom Brewery took a picture of these stragglers with Doug Mahugh's camera.  That's Doug with the moustache ,standing near the bright reflection just right of center.   On Doug's right, also at the back, is Wouter van Vugt a trainer from the Netherlands and one of the presenters.  Standing in front of Wouter's right shoulder is Mauricio ("Moe") Ordonez, Doug's boss.  In front of Mauricio's right shoulder is Julien Chable, an open-source developer from France.  In front of Julien's right shoulder is Datta from Sonata in Bangelore.  Behind Datta's right shoulder stands bearded Brian Jones.  I'm the mouth-agape redshirt off to Brian's right, and Kevin Boske is somewhere between us.  (It was a lot darker in the room than it appears in this picture and I'm not sure I can recognize Kevin in daylight.).  In front of me is Sanjay, also from Sonata.  Behind my right shoulder is Leandro Jekimim from Brasil.  I'm meeting all of these folks for the first time, which may be why I have this dazed Village of the OOX-zombies look.  I had a great time.  For a bonus, Mauricio gave me some wonderful tips on on flexing my Java bridge to ODMA into a .NET bridge using the same native-code layer.

Original Sketch by Elizabeth Weeks Pankey at the Small Business Summit, March 14, 20062006 March 14.  At the Microsoft Small Business Summit Live Event in Bellevue, Washington, on March 14, I was at a table with Elizabeth Weeks Pankey.  Elizabeth made the drawing during the morning session.  I was unaware of it until she showed me the pencil sketch in her 5-inch sketchpad.  I requested a copy and she e-mailed me two versions that evening.  The first is the original sketch, presented here.  There was a second that she had taken beyond the initial sketch.  Something about the spontaneity of the pencil sketch kept my attention and I asked for a good-resolution version that I could use on my site.  Elizabeth also granted me permission to display it on my blog until 2007 March 13.  That's a wonderful gift and I'm also happy to link to her, though she didn't ask me to.

2005 January.  Licensed Orcmid.  My driver's license is up for renewal.  I will be retiring the photograph taken for my first-ever Washington State driver's license in 2000 (left).

When I made my renewal, I was issued a temporary paper license printed in black-and-white using a screened image (right).  I saw a preview of the color image and will be pleased to have that instead.


Orcmid as Apparition2004 August 7.  Orcmid as Apparition.  This is a great coincidental sighting.  The photograph was taken by Dave Winer at a Scoble BBQ.  The "real" subjects are Jeff Sandquist and his youngest daughter, with an edge shot of Sarah Revi Sterling.  This seemed like a cool Avatar to use on Channel 9 and wherever else on MSDN that my profile shows up.

An orcmid sighting: I guess I am not that 18-year-old in my mind after all2004 December 15.  The Met Orcmid.   I've been attending blogger meet-ups and geek dinners.  These lead to additional sightings, such as the one captured by Jon at a downtown Seattle Weblogger Meetup.  Funny, this is not who I recognize in the mirror, and it doesn't fit the mid-30s voice in my head, either.

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I want an Avatar for myself and I wanted to collect the orcisms somewhere.  This is a start on that.  Also, I must remember that the other persona was Sterling Templar, not Edwin Templar.  This is work in progress.

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