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A running job jar of ideas and notes on the construction of the Viaggio section of Orcmid's Lair on the web. 




  2004-05-16 Consider adding a default.asp page and see how that plays
done 2004-05-16 Update the index page to reflect the current content
done 2004-05-16 Add V000000 page and also V000001-log for cataloging this section, providing additional information about the approach, other materials, and so on.
done 2004-05-16 Add page with Kristi and Doug visiting Japendra and the monastery
done 2004-05-16 Add page with a picture of the tile Ganesha that Vicki sent to the monastery
done 2004-05-16 Add construction zone to the orcmid/viaggio space (this page, construction.htm, and link from the index.htm Hard Hat image)
0.00 2004-05-16 Setup and Build Initial Job Jar (orcmid)
I am moving from one Viaggio page to multiple pages and I need to create a semblance of organization.  We start by adding a construction zone, including this Job Jar and Diary.

Construction Shack (Hard Hat Area)


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