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  2018-07-19 Propogate the repaving effort here.  Sheesh, this is my equivalent of "someday when I am retired I will clean up my stamp collection."
  2018-07-19 Get everything using wyymmnn instead of Wyymmnn and pray that the server is consistent.
  2018-07-19 This entire section needs to be put in folio structure with shared replacement pages.
  2005-10-10 Start using canonical locations for all of the writing materials.  Create a progression for having it all done.
  2004-10-11 Start an article on the Emotional Life of Blogs, capturing my words, Julie's, and the follow-on about memorializing.  Maybe this is on memorializing and it is connected to viaggio.  Put in recovery of the hand-in-document icon from Xerox, other aspects of that.  The whole Kilroy, graffiti, and related things. [dh:2004-10-11 W041001B has a draft clipping from Blogger drafts.
  2004-04-06 Upgrade index.htm to reflect new styles and thinking
  2004-04-06 Convert to a construction zone - add c000000.htm and then cleanup the construction.htm page
  2004-04-06 Inventory what is already here and create a systematic upgrading
  2004-04-06 Correct the construction zone usage, if any, here and bring over the critical styles
done 2006-03-13 Clean up the layout of the W000001 columns that were showing as centered instead of left-justified.
2005-12-31 Update W000001-log to use the improved format used for other catalogs on these sites. 
done 2004-09-29 Update W000001-log to the HTML 4.01 style and format for a catalog page
done 2004-09-29 Create W040901 on The Seattle Monorail Project
done 2004-04-06 Start an article on the Ariane 5 Flight 501 Failure and how it isn't about an undetected overflow
2004-04-06 Correct the W000000-log title and content to reflect the latest styles and approaches
done 2004-04-06 Create Job Jar & Diary for Writings, using the latest counterpart in nfoWare Projects
0.00 2004-04-06 Create initial diary for Orcmid Writings (orcmid)
Create diary for the writings section.  This version is maintained manually and its format and style consistency is preserved by manual adjustments.  I cloned it from the nfoWare Projects diary current as of this date.

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