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2005-06-15-12:26 Turn into Construction Zone
We're not there yet.  A job jar and diary has been created, but this page must be updated to the current Construction Zone "cover" format.
2001-11-29-14:04 Incorporate in Orcmid's Lair
As much as I say I want to write and be known for writing, I have not done much to make this section accessible and useful.   Today we start by updating this material to be relative to the Orcmid's Lair mirror group.  There are probably things to do in the different editions of articles here, but that will come later.
2000-06-21-12:55 Draft 0.10 editing completed and submitted for editorial review (orcmid)
2000-05-27-07:34 Split SE4E Article Again (orcmid)
Draft 0.10 is started in file se4e-2000-05-27.htm.  This was completed by making a new split just like the way I split version 0.04 (and then 0.05) out from 0.03.  This one will be seriously condensed from the gathering of odd thoughts that persisted through draft 0.05.
1. FrontPage is used to rename the checked-in file from se4e-2000-05-25.htm to se4e-2000-05-27.htm.
2. The version of se4e-2000-05-25.htm in the VServers upload/mirror area is checked back into VSS and then shared back to the development area.  FrontPage Tools / Recalculate Links is used to resynchronize FrontPage management of the pages.
3. Everything is properly linked here and can also be linked in the change notes of the article itself.
2000-05-26-15:28 Recover Earlier SE4E Article (orcmid)
Using FrontPage 2000, it is easy to rename (or move) a file and have all links to it be updated automatically.  I did that to split the SE4E Article versions, and I am about to do it again, so that a history of the key drafts is available.  The full history is in Visual Source Safe, which FrontPage 2000 has been configured to operate with.  But the Visual Source Safe history has all of the files be with the same name.
1. Because the VServer image of the earlier draft is still present in my upload/mirror area, I split the earlier draft out by checking it in on the VServer image and sharing it back to the development image that I use FrontPage with.
2. A consequence is that the split out copy does not reflect the version and construction history of the line of VSS revisions that the file is actually taken from.  There is not help for that.  But it has the accountability be broken.
2000-05-25-09:29 Split SE4E Article (orcmid)
I renamed the SE4E article to se4e-2000-05-25.htm, so that draft 0.03 is preserved in a separate file on the web site.  I will do this again so that key separate versions are retained as a kind of illustration of what the SE4E article is about.
2000-05-14-22:32 Correct index.htm title in page header (orcmid)
This problem was discovered when the page was cloned to make a construction area for another project on infonuovo.com.
2000-05-03-00:43 Create orcmid/writing Project & Construction Log (orcmid)
1. The orcmid writing project was created as part of an interim organization for writings being developed.  This becomes an area for pet topics, essays, and drafts of short published materials.  More substantial materials are linked from summaries provided here.
2. I established an index.htm and this construction.log to provide the initial construction structure.
3. The initial content consists of an article on Software Engineering for Everyone.  There's lots more currently accumulating in the form of e-mail notes on various topics.

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