Friday, June 18

Playing the Name Game

Playing the Name Game

Playing the Name Game

Those who may have stumbled across this blog in the hours since its inauguration will notice that the Title and Description of the blog have changed already.

That is certainly consistent with what you should expect from this place.

Many a Slip Twixt Cup and Lip.  Of course there is no syndication feed button on the post pages yet, so that is something to be dealt with right away.  Meanwhile, the really weird bots will have scraped it off the page by means Prof. v.Clueless may be tempted to look into, so let's say no more about that.

The other thing I need to record is that, on my Blogger Dashboard, it says this blog has no posts.  Funny, it's right there.  Been there for 18 hours or so.  The tricky part is imagining how that could even not work.  That is not the kind of experience I intend to promote, and it is a problem not-of-my-creation that I feel no obligation to fix.

You will notice that, for now, titles of postings appear multiple times.  Once as the title of the posting and more times as a heading incorporated in the body of the posting itself.  For example, there are, at the moment, three identical titles on this blog post.  This is an incoherence case, and il Professor will definitely want to dig into that.

Uh, you were talking about the naming of this place?  I suppose there could be some exotic question for a future geek-trivia East-West superbowl about the original name for this blog.  Shh. Here's the secret.

The original title was Spanner Wingnut's [Incredible [Secret]] Web Cellar.  The Incredible was meant as homage to Don Tarbell (and his Incredible Secret Money Machine).  The Cellar was for Steve Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar.  "Secret" never made it and "Incredible" disappeared between the initial site setup and customization of the setup information before the first post.  And "Web Cellar" was too much of a stretch and I felt awkward with it, but I tried it out anyhow. "Muddleware" entered my thoughts in another context.  I have already used it (as middle muddle), and I intend to expand on that.  The resonance with the bumblingness of this particular blog adventure was irresistable.

For now, the name 's a keeper. -- orcmid

Thursday, June 17



Web Cellar.  Dear Mum & Da,

This is my first creation of a blog post from the laboratory here with Professor Clueless.  I am not sure what he wants me to do.  I am to make this web log that looks like the one he has.  Then I have to do 'speriments on this one, to see what he likes and wants done for his own log.

I don't know why he is so fussy.

The train carriages were very crowded and I could not sleep on the way to my new position here.  I shared the sandwiches with others in my compartment.  I already miss mum's cookin.

Your luvvin son, Spanner