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Happy Father's Day, Steve Jobs

O'Reilly Radar > Steve Jobs' Commencement Speech at Stanford.  I digest, slice and dice, and otherwise transmogransclude other people’s blog items, but I don’t often just do links.  Here’s short announcement from Tim O’Reilly that is short and direct and I’m quoting the whole thing.

Steve Jobs' recent commencement speech at Stanford was moving and deeply wise. I saw the text when someone posted it to Dave Farber's IP list, and I immediately forwarded it on to my wife and kids, and a moment later, to all my employees. It's a must-read! The official transcript is available on the Stanford web site

If you think at all about how to bring more meaning and passion into your life, read this speech. If you have kids who are old enough to be thinking how to spend their life, give it to them. Just wonderful.

Read the Steve Jobs’ commencement address.  Every word.  I cried too.

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