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ActiveWin.com - ActiveWin.com Exclusive: "Microsoft launches 'The Hive,' a beta site for community leaders," Interview with Josh Levine, Group Product Manager: Windows Client Community Group. 

I came to this page because of this teaser in my RSS feed:

Josh Levine, Group Product Manager for the Windows Client Community Group, sits down with Bob Stein of ActiveWin.com to discuss the new site, where online community leaders can connect with one another, share ideas, and find the latest information on Microsoft Windows products.

I figured there’d be more content or some links.  Nope.  This is it. And a raft of “Sponsored Links” with double underlines.  And no useful content whatsoever.  I’m not following those links, it doesn’t look like any of them go anywhere I care about.  Even the comment form has them.  Oh, and there’s a pop-up that my Firewall caught as an advertisement, but it still pops up.  Naturally it is to a site identified only by IP-address  I’m not sure that is related or it came from a different site I visited and I didn’t notice.

I don’t know what this crap is, but I’m unsubscribed, thank you very much. 


Ha Ha... You barf online too! LOL
This is Ed. I am Broken Wings @ 43things and godsdragon @ my google blog. Here is my nauseating statement Spaced Duded Entry
Hope all is well with you.

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