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You've reached the Java package section for illustration of Peano Arithmetic (pa).  

It is a peculiar characteristic of PA that it is the term use for the logical theory in which numbers and logical aspects of arithmetic are formalized.  This level is reserved for a theoretical treatment and to address what is meant about an arithmetic in mathematics, computation, and logic.

To deal with instances of arithmetics themselves, we make separate introduction of Peano Numerals which can be interpreted as manifestations of the Numbers about which arithmetic is conducted. Peano Numbers are in some sense what PA (the theory) speaks of as theoretical entities, and Peano Numerals are (usually formal) manifestations of them.

We manifest Peano Numbers in a subordinate section, just in case there is need for more-abstracted and theoretical framework at an intervening level.  The idea would be to deal with the Peano Arithmetic logical system here, if that is called for.

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