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Built in 1910 with funds donated by Andrew Carnegie, the building of the West Seattle branch public library was renovated in 2003-2004.

I had just checked out a stack of mysteries for Vicki and I to read while she was convalescing.  That was my first geek-librarian experience.  They had installed new self-check-out stations that automatically identified the books and would check them out to my library card (so long as I knew my PIN number, which I did).  The librarian was telling me what to do rather than give me time to read the displays, understand what the choices were, and figure it out myself.  Now I will have to do it over again.  This time, if someone offers to be helpful I will explain how that doesn't work for me.

I suppose it's geek karma.   I am certain I have leaned over and worked someone else's keyboard and mouse so I could show them how to do something.

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0.00 2004-05-21-12:08  Initial Viaggio Posting
I took these pictures as part of more neighborhood-walking and street photography.  I had this idea of the library as funky.  That's not it.  I think I should be concerned about the quality of my zoom lens though.  

Construction Shack (Hard Hat Area) 

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