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Language, Logic, and Computation


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An abiding interest of mine is in the connections among language, logic, and computation.  My work on the Miser Project and postings on Numbering Peano are all related to that.  To get more involved and find some spirits with kindred interest, I have been looking for local organizations to engage with.

Making Connections

The SeaFunc Connection

At Seattle MindCamp 2.0 at the end of April, 2006, I led a roundtable discussion on "Programming Languages: In the Beginning."  As the result of my off-hand remark about having worked with Peter Landin, I discovered that Conal Elliott was also into functional programming and other aspects of programming language theory.  Conal told me about SeaFunc, the Seattle Functional Programming group, and we agreed to attend a future meeting.

I wanted to use the SeaFunc meetings as calendar markers for moving ahead in my own researches in this area.  I have gone on record as wanting to do that.  Then I missed a meeting and have gone dark on them.  This folio is my redress about that.  I have some photos to share and I will do that.  How I restore my promise to move ahead on Miser and Numbering Peano will be found on those pages.

Folio Engineering

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Create basic placeholder and link to snaps from the first two SeaFunc meetings I attended.  

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