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Here's a running job jar of ideas and notes on the construction of the erudizione section of  Orcmid's Lair on the web.  A minimal construction zone is created here, in accordance with the overall construction practices, to provide some local focus on erudizione, for which there is some substantial work to do.  This diary may become very quiet at some point, with a shift from construction to content topics.




2005-03-02 Create a project for development of dissertation sections and have it be in the dissertation sections folder [because the folder is private for now, there is no link from the catalog.]
done 2005-03-02 Create a packaging in the MSC-DS Dissertation Document folder that provides versioned transfer of material
done 2005-02-28 Create a new construction zone and folder for the MSC-DS stages.  Encrypt it until ready to reveal its material.
  2004-12-01 Review this entire section for proper Construction Zone uplinks from the Hard Hat logo.
  2004-12-01 Review this entire section for refresh and also to conform the titles to <p>-style.
done 2004-12-01 Create MSC-DS section for information on my dissertation and projects
done 2004-12-01 Create MSC-PM section for reference from other materials and topics.
  2004-06-24 I do want a blog here about scholarly things, studying, on-line education, and so on.  Think of a name and put it at the top of erudizione (f.).  Maybe collegata, for connected.
2004-06-24 Make an MSC-SN section
  2004-06-24 Make an MSC-AT structure?
2004-06-24 Switch the construction structure right here to the <p>-style title blocks.  Review for HTML 4.01 style compliance and also tweak anything needed while doing the review. C000000, index.htm, construction.htm, E000000.htm, E000001-log.htm
done 2004-02-05 Link the Erudizione notes into the scaffolding and then use the introduction note for my MSC-CC introduction.
done 2004-02-05 Add E00000.htm and E000001-log.htm pages to the Erudizione section.  Make the first entry the self-introduction page that I use in my M.ScIT program.
  2004-02-05 Add P000001-log.htm page to the M.ScIT folder and tie that into the index.htm page too. [dh:2004-07-15: No, do it in imprese.]
2004-02-05 Add MSC-CC section and begin to make notes on that.  Since this is just starting, I will put its development ahead of the retrospective cleanups on the earlier modules.
done 2004-02-05 Review the Project structure in M.ScIT and see what to do to make this publishable to the host site.  This structure, which has not been published up until now, is about my dissertation project.  I prefer to determine right now (1) whether to keep the dissertation-as-a-project here, in this section, or whether I want it in its own section, and (2) whether it should have its own prefix for dissertation items (something beside P, such as D or M).  On review I see that it is meant to be a project structure for my overall participation in the program and that I should use it that way.  So I will spiff it up and do that.  I settled on E as the prefix for overall notes in Erudizione.
done 2004-02-05 Review the M.ScIT structure and make find a place for my introductory statement to class modules.
done 2004-02-05 Review the top level and make provision for tying in my on-line introduction statement
in progress
2003-12-22 Create packing up my FirstClass materials and organizing them for review as part of creating this mini-web site. [dh:2005-03-02 The material has been saved on Compagno and is being organized slightly to be shared here and then indexed via MSN Desktop Search.]
done 2003-12-22 Add section for MSC-DB here.
done 2003-09-20 Add page to M.ScIT on dissertation projects I am considering.  Create a project structure for that and make brainstorming topics one of the first elements.
  2003-05-30 Where do I file programming assignments?  Maybe in the Seminar sections?  Makes sense.  Or in a particular seminar section.
  2003-05-30 Let Norm know that the JavaScript book isn't that great.
  2003-05-30 Get Group34 into condition where I can make the CD-ROM of it for NS and ZH
done 2003-05-28 Conform all of construction structure to HTML 4.01.  C000000 OK, construction.htm fixed, index.htm OK
  2003-05-27 Explain what erudizione means
done 2003-05-27 Create an /images folder for /erudizione and add an index.htm for it
done 2003-05-27 Create MSC-CS and an index.htm for it.
done 2003-05-27 Create index.htm for M.ScIT.
done 2003-05-27 Create index.htm for MSC-SE.
done 2003-05-27 Create index.htm for MSC-JV.
done 2003-05-27 Create a folder for MSC-JV so I can get started here on what I am learning and my experience
in progress
closed 2004-02-05
2003-05-27 Start responses on everything in week 1, and develop a version of the syllabus that I can use to anticipate the readings and preparations for the entire course.  The course is now long past.  Whatever I have is what I have.
done 2003-05-27 Install a new version of the eMBAnet software and connect to my MSC-JV course
done 2003-05-27 Create enough minimal structure in erudizione to have its own job jar and hold public materials about the courses.  Note that a minimal construction structure is an index.htm page. The next level adds a job jar (this page) and a construction.htm page.  That's it.  Add them in sequence, index.htm first, then any additional material.

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