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{placeholder: I am reviving this topic to introduce my current approach to vocational themes and the management of projects that contribute in those areas.}

Initial Struggle

At the end of 2001, I went through a period of time when I could not tease out the themes of my vocational life and make a clean expression of what each of them is.  I scrambled around and found e-mail conversations and other clippings where I thought something relevant had been expressed.  This led to the original clipping collection.  It was not a great expression.  It was a compilation made as part of a struggle.  Vocational themes that already being applied, but were not well articulated, included

From Thanksgiving 2002 until October 2005, I worked on an on-line M.Sc in IT.  That commanded my attention and did lead to some important shifts in my use of technology and also in my vision for certain areas:

This held me for a while, but now (in mid-2006) I find that I still don't have focus that this interrupted exploration of themes was intended to achieve.  It is also apparent that I have been unsuccessful at fulfilling the promises that I made around these varied and inter-woven projects.

Document Engineering:

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The clippings are now handled on an interior page.  This is the cover. 
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I started arranging the notes and links into crude categories, looking for something like domains in which to bucket the themes, projects, disciplines, etc.
0.10 2001-11-29 Compile Notes and Clippings  (orcmid)
I have themes rehearsed in my head and I have spoken them at different times.  Here I want to distill them, push them around, and see what passes digestion. 

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