BlunderLab Notebook B040701
Atom Feed Synthesis


0.00 2008-08-28 -17:27 -0700

This is provisional material on building an Atom Feed, with initial application to Blogger.

This is a placeholder as I gather material.  The initial goal is to find out enough about an Atom Feed that I can edit a Blogger-provided feed file and add comments and items of my own.  This is a start on being able to do forensic analysis.

I will check out what I want to do by modifying the Muddleware feed first.  Then as I get it to work through NewsGator, I will update my three feeds to reflect that they have been locked-down and people who have aggregated my site can find out more about it.

I will create a different notebook entry for the FTP failure forensic work.  I will also need to create a notebook entry for the general lock-down technique and how I do it.


    IETF Atom Working Group


0.00 2004-07-09-13:18 Initiate Provisional Version (orcmid)
Start this with a provisional page and sketch that holds the materials we want to capture.  Use the accompanying diary and job jar to record steps to take in evolving toward more-polished versions.

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