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These pages provide for the Atom Site Feed entries used in making the following announcements in the Professor von Clueless blog feed:

These pages do not provide the XML documents, they provide the HTML pages that serve as the "identities" (that is, the <id>-element URIs) for the feed entries.  The pages also identify how the element is formed and used.  This is not totally satisfying, and it will do for now.  [The unsatisfying part is that it is from my point of view working in the solution space, rather from the view of a visitor who encounters one of these entries in the problem space they live in.]

The reason for advancing the identity and the title of the entries is so aggregation software will not confuse a test announcement and the ensuing all-clear announcement as being updates of previous announcements.  It is less critical that the standby announcements be kept unique, but it is done for consistency.

Because standby announcements are set up to be applied quickly, without any preparation, the identification of their solo entry is incremented after use, not before.  A standby announcement is always "hot" and ready to be applied.

Each feed on this site has its own counterpart of the feed announcements, so that they are grounded on the particular feed.  

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These pages provide the grounding for corresponding XML documents used to insert announcements in the Professor von Clueless feed, based on the same idea for Orcmid's Lair.  A  Job Jar is set up for the development required here.

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