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The first effort to inject a Movable Type blog atop the old Spanner Wingnut blog was not entirely successful:

    • I did succeed in getting the blog to publish.
    • I failed to have the blog format properly, as if it couldn't find the template and CSS information - I got a raw HTML form of the blog post (see below).
    • The MT 4 image and any references to mt-static/ were to and not the common location that I have established for the blog engine to use for all blogs operated on this single web hosting account.
    • The Trackback, Search, and other URLs were to a cig-bin/mt/ also in and there was, of course nothing there.

I now have improved on that by editing the mt-config.cgi file to establish absolute locations for the mt-static/ and the cgi-bin/mt/ to be used for all functions. 

There are still some problems.  I have been unsuccessful signing in to leave comments on Spanner Wingnut, for example.  I will need to make some simple tests to see what is and is not working.

Meanwhile, here is what my first effort appeared as:


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Kicking Up Dust ... from nfoCentrale Status on July 4, 2010 2:19 PM

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