Banner Bugfix Attempt 01

As remarked at Returning to the Moon: Escape Tower Incident, there is a problem with the rendering of the blog page header from the Spanner Wingnut web-hosted blog when viewed by Internet Explorer.

This snuck through manual checking because I didn’t confirm that there was any difference between browser viewing on my local machine and viewing on the hosted-site and its Apache HTTPD Server.

I am now working backwards to see if there were correct renderings of the page banner at any point in the past.

This post restores the original page-header banner image.


  • This image renders correctly in both Edge and IE 11 at the demonstration site for the Hexo landscape theme. I have restored the parameters and folder content.

  • Here is that image presented directly as an asset of this page, not as part of the page heading banner. I don’t usually employ JPEG images, and this is to verify that is not the problem.