Banner Bugfix Attempt 02

I made some small changes to the settings before posting Banner Bugfix 01.

  • The header image is removed altogether, simply reserving vertical blank space to have a background for the title and the heading menu. There is no problem with that.

  • A landscape theme patch was ported from the theme master.

  • The reference to a Google location of some style-important material was changed from protocol http to protocol https.


  • Everything works fine in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers both locally and from the hosted site, as always.
  • When the hosted-site is viewed from a Windows Phone, the key problem is how slowly the default page loads images. The video links might also fail.

For PC viewing of the hosted-site in IE11,

  • The main body text is now rendered properly.
  • The sidebar does not appear next to the body, being shifted to following the main body text, although properly formatted.
  • The videos do not appear, although the frames for them are present as white space.
  • The heading space is still too large and the RSS icon does not appear.

As a desparation case, this is almost passable. I want better than that.


  • Having all posts on the default page makes for a very long load and rendering. The default page needs to be set to a short, fixed number of most-recent posts, since there are complete archives. For success on mobile, having a single post is probably best.
  • Don’t forget to add a header link to the previous history of the blog, a feature needed on all production clones made from this Spanner Wingnut blog once it works as well as feasible using Hexo.
  • Determine what there is about how videos are introduced in Hexo that does not work on the Apache-hosted access from IE11.
  • Continue to explore the connection with the RSS icon disappearing and formatting/header divisions being mangled.